Star Trek

USS Ochoa


By establishing a common set of community standards, we can make our collective effort more enjoyable for everyone and tell some amazing stories together. To do that Ochoa sim follows all Guidelines and Policies laid out by Bravo Fleet. For our own enjoyment, this sim is rated 18+ for the possibility of descriptions of nudity and sexual content, detailed descriptions of violence and mature, sometimes sexually oriented or offensive language. The section covering the 2-3-2 rating is below.

The Golden Rules Still Are...
- ... Don't be a dick. Treat your fellow players how you would want to be treated if the situation was reversed.
- Ask for permission, not for forgiveness.
- If you screw up, apologize. Apologizing when you are wrong and big enough to admit it? Is awesome.
- OOC Knowledge (including information in bios, such as sexual orientation, medical records etc.) is not always IC knowledge. Bio information is somewhat "need to know." The sexual orientation element of the bio is not grounds for everybody's characters to suddenly have amazing gaydar.
- Keep OOC drama out of the game. If you're having problems with something happening with another player, the CO and XO are here to mediate and help you work it out.

This is just a game, and most of us are coming home from long days to get on here and enjoy ourselves. Please remember that. It. Is. Just. A Game.

No Godmodding: Play Your Characters, Not Others'
In other words, you, the player in this sim, have control over your creations. You can control your PC and your NPCs. You cannot control anyone else's PCs or NPCs without their explicit, written consent.

- Players cannot harm or kill another PC or NPC that does not belong to them.

If there is a firefight or exchange, the writing must pause at the point of fire or impact so the player can choose what happens next. It is important to keep in mind character strengths and weaknesses- and simple physics. It's actually impossible to dodge a gun, let alone a phaser. One's only chance is if they see it being aimed (or it was aimed badly). Please keep such limitations in mind.

Communal NPC Usage: The NPCs That Belong to Us All
There will occasionally be "Group NPCs" that are controlled by the entire Sim. Playing these NPCs is allowable by any Player, with the understanding that any radical change in their personality or previous history is not allowed. And please check with the CO and XO before you harm or kill them.

The Player Limits of Empathy and Telepathy
Empathy and Telepathy are rare skills in the Discovery era but they do exist. Both receptive (reading) and projective (making feel/think) versions have a danger of crossing that limit of control. When writing a psychic interaction, the psychic needs to pause and allow the nonpsychic (or other) player to respond with what is detected or influences.

Keep in mind: Almost no non-psychics have the ability to resist psychic skills and often do not know they are happening. At the same time, unwanted psychic connection, especially projection, is illegal (or at least immoral) and psychic races have strong taboos surrounding it.

Psychic powers shouldn't become a license to Meta another player's motivations, thoughts or knowledge. Playing psychics requires communication between player characters, and establishing trust.

Player Minimums and Activity
- If someone tags your characters in a post, you should be in contact with them within 72 hours (that's 3 days)- even if its a quick OOC note saying, "Hey, I need a few days."
- Sims need players to help produce stories. BF is instituting minimum activity. if players are holding up others or the mission cannot move on without your input, it endangers the Sim. Please keep that in mind. If you're stuck or have writer's block, ask for help. But do not, please do not, ghost.
- If you can't make a post, let the CO and XO know so they can tap in a subordinate or an NPC, or else adjust the JP.
- A standard, though informal minimum activity in BF is two posts a month. Personal logs do not count as posts. Your posts can be solo, or joint.
- If you need an LOA, there is no harm in requesting one. And its so easy! Either go to the LOA board on Discord, or email/DM the CO or XO! We ALL get busy!

A player is considered INACTIVE if they have not posted in a given month. If the CO/XO team do not hear from the player within three consecutive DMs via Nova/Email, that player will be REMOVED.

The 2-2(3)-2 Experiment: When Does Descriptive Sex and Graphic Descriptions of Nudity Go Too Far?

The Ochoa is a collective of adults who have chosen to write with other adults. Star Trek Discovery ramped up the titillating aspects of the future by shifting its platform to the Internet where you can see a green beefcake's ass in a jockstrap and it's cool. And they made some strides in alternative relationships and coupling (yes I'm looking at you, Empress Georgiou)- something the Ochoa is cool with. But Trek is also no Game of Thrones- at least not traditionally. We operate under the RPG Rating System on a 2-3-2 scale. You can click that link to read about what each number means, and detailed explanations are as follows:

2- "Swearing and mature language is permitted, with some limitations"
- Frustrated? Aghast? Drop that f-bomb. And that defecated material can be as holy or not as the player wants. Feel free to make up some alien-equivalents. I'm rather fond of our XO's Trill creation of Spast. And our future Farian has a few choice ones he'll drop from time to time.
- There are certain swear words that are on our painter's palette--fuck, spast, shit, damn it. Others aren't--cocksucker, retard, cunt, etc. We all know the bad ones. Don't use them.
- Certain inflammatory, racist, able-ist or homophobic slurs are totally unacceptable. Those died off in the 21st century.
- Feel free to generally call those sexy body parts their colorful metaphors- within reason.

Sadly, racism is NOT a wholly abolished blight on Federation society and some racial slurs might creep in, especially regarding Klingons and the recent war. Just keep in mind- you are playing Starfleet officers on a Starfleet ship and that doesn't pass for normally accepted behavior.

3- "Sexual Activity Can Be Described in Detail." Caveat: When it Serves a Purpose
Here is the experiment: can we write a sim where sexuality and nudity can be normal aspects of characters' lives without constant sexual undertones being a characteristic in most posts?

- Ask yourself, "What purpose does this serve?" Humor? A little titillation? Accidental discovery? Exploration? Deeper character facets or relationship changes? Shoreleave release? Jamaharon? Playing to a vice and moment of weakness? Experimentation? Re-connection? GO FOR IT.
- The aim here is simple. Sex and nudity are fine, as long as it comes with plot (even if that plot is just a quick laugh). But if your character is the "hooking up type" or just a prolific enthusiast we don't need to see and read every encounter. Just write the ones that create a character plot pivot. Fade anything else.
- Not sure how to gauge? If you've written one "deeply, very sexy times" post in a mission, that's enough. If more than 25% of your posts come with some commentary/sexual topics, please reign it in. If your post is set in the "professional setting" (on duty), avoid it.
- Also, please do not proposition your fellow players to "write further" unless you have established that as a comfortable topic in your relationship. A lot of people here, that's just not their thing. When in doubt, do not ask. It'll save the game a whole lot of uncomfortable moments in Discord.

The CO and XO see this "sometimes 3" rating as an experiment. This is an experiment that involves the crew as well. We are actively interested in getting your feedback on how this plays out, so feel free to drop the command team a line if you really like it, really don’t like it, have concerns, etc. We want this to be a safe and affirming space for everyone on the team. If we all feel like the experiment isn't working, we'll back the rating down to a 2-2-2.

2- "Explicit Violence is Permitted"
Q said it best: "It's not safe out here." Violence happens. The limitations are simple here:

- No heavy, lengthy descriptions of gore or mutilation.
- No lengthy descriptions of physical torture. It can happen to a character, but approach it in a way that focuses on the after-effects, not the present physical gore of it.
- No sexual violence, rape, non-consensual acts or dubious consent can be written in detail. It can happen to a character and be referred to, but keep detail brief and fade to black when needed.
- No lengthy descriptions of violence done to children. Again it may happen, but we don't need the deep description of the physical state of it.