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NPCs 101: Unlinked (Public) Vs. Linked

Posted on Thursday January 2nd, 2020 @ 1:11pm by Remy Stokes

Hi Folks!

A few people have been asking how the NPCs work on Ochoa. Firstly as a player you are welcome to create NPCs within your own department (please ask the Chief player to create an NPC in a separate one as a courtesy). There are no particular limits on the numbers of NPCs you create, but if they are linked to you, you must use them.

Ochoa observes two different types of NPCs: Linked and Unlinked (or Public).

A Linked NPC is a character you create as an NPC and then myself or LK will link it back to you. You play them exclusively and when they are in a post, their inclusion will cause you to receive an email notifying you the post they are in was updated (this is exactly the same as for your PC). Linked NPCs are entirely under your control as is their ultimate fate (though the CO asks to please not off tons of NPCs. We're a small ship on a five year journey). A Linked NPC on the manifest will be marked NPC and will have a Played By name (so for example, Moshe Samble is a Linked NPC played by Kyle).

An Unlinked NPC is a character who may be a regular, but you're comfortable with allowing their use by anyone, not necessarily played by you. You are allowed to create Unlinked NPCs as well. These are not personal characters but as their creators, you establish their personality, family, etc. and any player who uses them is expected to abide by those characteristics. For the most part, Unlinked NPCs are meant to be filler characters. Please do not kill someone else's Unlinked NPCs.

Finally, for any "throwaway NPC" that might have a rank or a name but is otherwise unimportant, please include the Unlinked NPC "D-Series Computer" in your post.


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