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Mission Day Explained

Posted on Thursday January 2nd, 2020 @ 1:21pm by Remy Stokes

Hi Folks!

A few people are asking for clarification about how the Mission Day aspect works when writing a post.

We're using the Mission Day as a pseudo-Stardate.

Mission Days are a six digit number. They are put in as follows:

The first two digits are the year: 2258 is 58.

The middle two digits are the month: December is 12.

The last two digits are the day, 01-31. So the 22nd would be 22.

So, December 22nd, 2258 would read as 581222.

If a month or day come up as a single digit (such as March (03) or the 1st (01) simply add a zero in front.

So for example: March 1st, 2258 would be 580301.

In this way you can also flash back or back post. If you have a post that takes place on, say, February the 14th of 2254 your Mission Day would be: 540214.

Hope this helps!


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