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Lieutenant JG Holly Meadows

Name Holly Louisa Meadows

Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Basics

Gender Female
Preferred Pronouns She/her/hers
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Age 26
Date of Birth December 29 2232
Birthplace Earth (England)
Languages Spoken English (N) Federation Standard and a smattering of Vulcan (basic phrases)

Physical Appearance

Species Human
Height 5'5"
Build Slender
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue/grey
Distinguishing Marks 3/4 inch scar behind left ear running into hairline.
Most Memorable Aspect A sudden open smile


Partner(s) None
Children None
Parent(s) Oliver and Jenny (nee Alden) Meadows
Sibling(s) Older brother Luke a Communications Officer serving USS Tyr
Other Family Grandparents (4) Aunts (2) Uncles (3) Cousins (3)
Relationships With Family Holly is less than a year younger than her brother. They were inseparable as young children and remained great friends as they grew older. They keep in touch when meeting is impossible.
Hollies parents brought their children up with strict standards but were and are unfailingly loving and supportive.
Oliver Meadows’ youngest brother Clive leads a simple lifestyle having chosen not to be a part of the ‘Rat Race’. Oliver frowns on a life lacking responsibilities but Holly and Luke both admire their Uncle although neither would choose to follow his route.
Holly tolerates her cousin Max having never liked him for his delight in teasing and taunting her at each meeting. Where at one time it was innocent childish annoyances, she now considers him to be rude arrogant and self-seeking. Their meetings are rare, usually confined to family milestone celebrations.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? Friendship is important to Holly and she has a number of people of whom she is fond and with whom she enjoys spending her time. It isn’t the be all and end all for her though because she is content in her own company.
What Are They Like in a Group? At first meeting Holly could be considered as withdrawn. She isn’t the life and soul of a party but has a happy disposition and sense of humour. She is a good team player able to lead or be led.
What Are They Like Under Stress? Calm and level headed. She will stick to a goal as long as she thinks theres a chance and will persevere when most would give up.
One Thing They Are Good At Wrapping a cat. This skill was discovered by chance when Miss Puddy, one of several family pets, needed the attention of a Vet and was not amenable to the idea of being placed in a travel cage.
One Thing They Are Bad At Tolerating attention seekers well. Holly has never liked those who exagerate their ills or skills simply for the attention they gain from doing so. Its something she works at when meeting a hypochondriac in clinic.
One Thing They Need Everyone to Know About Them Holly is self effacing and there is nothing she would want the world to know
One Thing They Never Want Known About Them Holly sometimes takes things too much to heart but is reluctant to let those who inflict hurt on her know exactly what they’ve done. She knows this is often the wrong line to take but its her nature. She rarely chooses to be confrontational so at times situations are unresolved rather than talked out.
Worst Habit Tapping out repetitive rhythm absently when her attention is engaged.
Worst Fear Arachnids and anything remotely similar.
Worst Vice In common with many through the ages is her love of chocolate. She finds it hard to resist in any form.
Hobbies and Interests Holly plays piano moderately well and enjoys her own efforts. Hiking is a pleasure she misses. Reading medical journals holds a great interest for her apart from being a necessity. She enjoys baking although results are mixed and some items are recycled on leaving the oven.
Personal Goals Holly plans to maintain the high standard her career demands and to progress through her own effort. She wants her parents and brother to be proud of her. At some point in the future she would like a family of her own although at the moment this is a low objective and one she is willing to leave to fate.
Why Do They Work For/With Starfleet? A dual interest in medicine and travel gelled at a schools ‘careers evening’ when a StarFleet officer gave a talk about the life and prospects available. She knew the rosy glow he coloured his presentation in was unlikely to be the true reality but her attention was captured by his promise of a bright fulfilling future that combined two interests benefitting herself and others.

Personal Timeline

What Do They Remember Most About Their Birthplace/Childhood? A sense of security and happiness. Sunny days outdoors, kittens, chickens,the long four days between Christmas and her birthday.
Life Event(s): Childhood Age 6, rescuing a mouse captured by a cat and drenching it in her mothers expensive perfume certain that something so lovely could only work wonders. It didn’t ofcourse but her mothers understanding and patient explanation that it was possible to learn how to help mice and people too, planted the seed in Hollys mind.

Holly attended a local school to the age of 11 when she transferred to St Kyneburgas Academy, a prestigious private school in Tenbury. Her father is the principal there.
She enjoyed her school days on the whole although not an outstanding pupil, she did well in her exams.
A broken left arm was the result of trying to scale a waterfall in a reckless endeavor to impress her brother and his friend.She slipped, and was lucky to only break her arm and receive deep lacerations to her neck, arm and legs.She suffered concussion and has a very faint scar behind her left ear as a result of this accident.

Life Event(s): Adolescence Cousin Max whispering in her ear that she had no chance of making medicine her career when he had heard her telling her Grandfather it was something she was interested in. Overcoming the urge to push his head into the Raspberry Trifle on the table before them she informed him instead that he was mistaken in thinking her too dim and too slow and one day he would seek her out for medical advice. Max had laughed, assuring her he would grow two heads first before wandering off leaving Holly brimming tears of indignation. She caught her Grandfathers eye, saw him smile nod and raise the glass he held in a silent toast to her. Her sudden tear-filled smile marked the moment she knew what her career would be. Max hasnt yet been to ask her for advice.
Life Event(s): Adulthood The war broke out during Hollys placement in Copernicus Hospital resulting in her dealing with more surgical cases than would have been the norm. She found that both thrilling and scary at the same time. Her hard won medical knowledge at times seemed inadequate but she gained confidence and satisfaction in her work. A short stint aboard the hospital ship Edith Cavell prompted her to apply for a ship rather than a base posting.
Academic/Academy Degree(s) Doctor of medicine

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Staff Officer
Authorization Code Meadows-Iota-2-9-5-1
Cabin Assigment Cabin 804
Clearance Level Level Four
Service Record January 2250….Accepted by StarFleet and enrols on Medical
Course at StarFleet Academy.

August 2254…..Graduates MO Junior Grade

September 2254…Placement at Copernicus Hospital

November 2257… Begins six months assignment aboard Hospital
Ship Edith Cavell. Applies for ship rather than
station position.

June 2258...Joins USS Ochoa
Medical Record July 2240 Fractured left arm, multiple lacerations requiring medical attention, mild concussion.