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Lieutenant Minna Chang

Name Minna Chang

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Basics

Gender Female
Preferred Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Sexual Orientation Bi
Age 46/136
Date of Birth January 4, 2122
Birthplace Seoul, Korea, Earth
Languages Spoken Korean (N), Russian, Japanese, English, Standard, Romulan (Conversational), Klingon (Very Basic)

Physical Appearance

Species Human
Height 5'3"
Build Slim, but densely muscled
Hair Black
Eyes Brown (left bloodshot)
Distinguishing Marks Limp (when not trying to conceal), scar from back of left hand up to elbow, Scar from collar bone down to left breast, scar at outer edge of left eye and scarring at top of left ear.

She also has other scars that her uniform covers including some gruesome scarring and deformity of her left knee and and some scarring at her left hip.

Her left eye is permanently dilated, bloodshot and slow to track (lazy).

Finally she looks young for her age on account of her large eyes and small stature, particularly at a distance, which is in contrast to that "10,000 yard stare" common to those who've simply seen too much.
Most Memorable Aspect Her Korean accent and that she has an intimidating presence despite her small size


Partner(s) Shintaro Kimura, Husband (deceased March 12, 2153)
Children Shingo Kimura (Son, Born 2147, Deceased March 12, 2153)

Kyungmi Kimura (Born 2145, Served Starfleet 2160-2207, Died 2236 of natural causes
Parent(s) Minshik Chang (father) and Haerin Park (mother), both deceased
Sibling(s) Nami Chang (Older Sister, Deceased 2159 at battle of Charon)

Cheolmin Chang (Younger Brother, Deceased 2221 by natural causes)
Other Family Various descendants through her daughter. She was very close to her daughter Kyungmi, who after losing her mother joined Starfleet herself. Kyungmi, a retired captain, died 5 years before Minna was found and revived from Stasis. She also has met and made connections with the descendant’s of her late husband’s sister, who was Minna best friend in the years she lived in Tokyo.
Relationships With Family She has also gotten to know her late husband's niece (sister's daughter) who is currently 98-years-old and her extended family. She has many extended "step" nieces and nephews as well as lineal descendants through her daughter, almost all of whom are at least two generations removed.

She does have a great-grandson currently at Starfleet Academy and four "great grand steps" descendants scattered about Starfleet all descendant from her sister-in-law.

Finally she has a great many extended family members descended from her siblings and cousins, though she has yet to make contact with any of them.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? Driven, maniacal. Minna is a very different person that she was on March 11, 2153. At that time she was a 31-year-old violinist for the Tokyo Symphony orchestra leading an idyllic life with a loving husband and two children. Since losing her husband and son during the Xindi attack on March 12, Minna joined Starfleet with the goal of making sure something like that never happened again.

She missed the Xindi campaign, but was commissioned a year early at the start of the Earth-Romulan war, where her ship, the USS Columbia, was lost and presumed destroyed in the final days of the war at the Battle of Charon.

Since revival, Minna spends almost all waking moments training, working or studying. She is in the gym at least two hours every morning and another hour every night, duty permitting.
What Are They Like in a Group? Quiet, calm, and a bit distant. She was nicknamed "The Ice Queen" at Starfleet Academy (23rd century), a name which stuck on both the USS Europa and USS Lexington.

When extremely tired or when something or someone brings up her past she often drifts into melancholy, but won't really open up unless she is very drunk or knows someone very well.
What Are They Like Under Stress? Unflappable. Minna has experienced crushing loss and served through two wars, so she has the experience and maturity to keep her cool even under stress.

Minna simply carries on, no matter how bad things get.
One Thing They Are Good At Marksmanship. Minna had excellent training in both the 22nd and 23rd centuries, as well as significant combat experience in two wars leading to a lot of practice and experience.

While she is skilled in martial arts (Aikido and Judo), that skill does not rise to the level of her marksmanship, which is truly exceptional.
One Thing They Are Bad At Reading people. Minna tends to focus on the task in front of her, be it learning a piece of music, completing her work-out or attacking an objective. Small non-verbal cues such as mannerisms, expression and even tone of voice or sarcasm are often lost on her.
One Thing They Need Everyone to Know About Them Her word is her bond.
One Thing They Never Want Known About Them Her fears of being alone and of forming attachments and the loss that inevitably comes with it.
Worst Habit Overthinks things. Minna has a natural tendency to get bogged down in the minutia of a task, which comes from her music background where absolutely every aspect of every note must be considered. She is aware of the problem and usually is able to keep her eye on the bigger picture, but when distracted or overtired can fall back to her tendency.
Worst Fear Being alone. Not the "sleeping in her own room" kind of alone, but more no longer having relationships. So long as she is serving in Starfleet she has a shipful of relationships, however distant, but she's absolutely terrified of the day when nobody depends on her.
Worst Vice Minna is a recovering alcoholic. She is well aware of her addiction and as such almost never drinks, but the temptation is always there and if she does drink, she drinks far beyond excess.
Hobbies and Interests Classical violin and the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which she learned from her sister-in-law.

Minna has little time to practice either, but often does so obsessively when on leave or otherwise has a day off.
Personal Goals To somehow atone of her failure to protect her husband and son by keeping safe those under her protection now.

She also has a deep hope to once again find peace and happiness, though she doubts that will ever be possible.
Why Do They Work For/With Starfleet? At first she joined United Earth Starfleet seeking vengeance for her husband and son. When the Romulans attack, her desire for vengeance was replaced with a desire to protect others from experiencing the pain that she did.

Upon her revival from stasis, she applied for reinstatement in Starfleet more out of her fear of being alone and not having purpose. The Klingon War brought back her innate desire to protect.

Today with the war over and Starfleet returning to a mission of exploration she remains in Starfleet again due to her fear of being alone, and her understanding that exploration carries with it its own dangers.

Personal Timeline

What Do They Remember Most About Their Birthplace/Childhood? Seoul in the year 2122 was a very different place than it is today. Back then most people on Earth still spoke regional languages.

Minna remembers always playing the violin, since she was three or four-years-old it was always a constant in her life.
Life Event(s): Childhood Minna won a young musicians contest at age 14 that earned her an audition at a prestigious music conservatory in St. Petersburg, Russia.

She was accepted and her first life was set in motion. She attended the St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music (high school) for four years, and was in the first violin section of the St. Petersburg Youth Symphony.
Life Event(s): Adolescence Her adolescence was constant hard work. In addition to regular Russian high school classes, Minna spent six to ten hours every day in either violin lessons, practice or performance. Despite her youth she was operating at a near-professional level.

In her junior and senior years she was often "elevated" to the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Mariinsky Ballet Orchestra for pieces requiring an enlarged violin section.

One defining moment was when she appeared at age 17 as a guest soloist with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra in a concert series highlighting young musicians. Upon graduation the following year she was offered and accepted a prestigious position in the First Violin section of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. She was the youngest person selected in the past twenty years.
Life Event(s): Adulthood Minna's led an idyllic, if busy life. While she was a full-fledged member of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra from age 18, she also attended Tokyo University where she obtained first a BA with a dual major in Music and Applied Mathematics at age 22 and later an MA in Music Theory at age 26.

Despite the pressures of work and school, Minna found love with the brother of fellow violinist and best-friend Ayako Kimura. Minna and Shintaro married in the year 2144 and she gave birth to a daughter, Kyungmi Kimura in 2145 and a son, Shingo Kimura in 2147.

Despite all of that, the one event of her adulthood that shaped her the most was the Xindi attack on Florida on March 12, 2153. The entire family was visiting Florida where Minna was appearing as a judge in the same young musicians competition that had launched her career 17 years earlier. Minna and Kyungmi were at the concert hall which was roughly one mile outside of the blast radius, while Shintaro and Shingo were at a theme part that was at ground zero.

With the death of Shintaro and Shingo, Minna sent Kyungmi back to Seoul to live with her parents while she joined United Earth Starfleet with visions of revenge.
Academic/Academy Degree(s) Bachelor of Arts with Dual Major of Music and Applied Mathematics
Tokyo University, 2144

Master of Arts in Music Theory
Tokyo University, 2147

United Earth Starfleet Academy (early graduation due to Romulan War), 2156

Starfleet Academy (23rd Century), 2254
Personal Timeline Minna has lived essentially three different lives. Her first was the idyllic life she pursued since her first violin lesson as a young child. In addition to achieving her goals musically, she married a man she loved and had two children, the older of which also showed interest and talent for music.

Everything changed on March 12, 2153 when the Xindi attacked Earth resulting in the deaths of her husband and son. Minna's older sister was already an officer in Starfleet and was able to pull a few strings to get Minna admitted to the academy despite her being 13 years older than the usual applicant.

When the Earth-Romulan War began in 2156, Starfleet accelerated the graduation of many third and fourth year cadets, including Minna. She was assigned to the USS Columbia, where she served for the entirety of the war.

The war had been going badly, but Starfleet had a bold plan that, if successful, would possibly lead the Romulans to seek an armistice. That plan was to attack and destroy the Romulan facilities at Charon, but to succeed, a diversion would be required to lure at least a significant portion the Romulan fleet based at Charon away. USS Columbia was assigned that mission.

The Columbia and two older ships were stripped of all non-essential crew and sent to launch an attack on the Romulan listening outpost at Aurix II, which was close enough to Charon to, with luck, trigger a Romulan response. While Columbia and her consorts attacked the Aurix II facility, the rest of the fleet would descend on Charon and, if they achieved surprise, turn the tide in the war. Minna by this time had been promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant JG and was the assistant chief armory officer not he USS Columbia.

The mission was success, but for the Columbia group the costs were high. The Romulans sent four of their most powerful ships to Aurix II, and once battle was joined the Earth ships were quickly put out of action. Columbia was reduced from a front-line NX-class Starship to a battered hulk in a matter of minutes, while the two older Daedalus ships were completely destroyed.

Columbia's weapons, sensors, communications, impulse drive, shields and even life-support were nt just offline, but were destroyed, and while the warp 5 engine was miraculously undamaged, the port nacelle had taken two disruptor hits.

With her mission accomplished and the Cheron attack underway, the Columbia's XO (the CO was killed in the attack) attempted to escape by activating the warp drive without plotting a course. Due to the damage to the port nacelle the warp field created was unbalanced and while the ship did enter warp, there were complications. The imbalanced field created what survivors described as a subspace tunnel and which modern theorists believe was an unstable wormhole that transported the ship a far greater distance in a much shorter time than the warp five engine would normally allow. Unfortunately, the port nacelle was completely destroyed in the process and as the ship came violently back into normal space, it was dead adrift, with no sensors, no communications, and worst of all, no life support.

With roughly 30 hours of breathable atmosphere and no propulsion, the XO ordered the few remaining survivors into cryogenic stasis with the desperate hope that they would wake up in an Earth ship's sickbay rather than a Romulan ship's brig. Lieutenant JG Minna Chang was one of those survivors.

The Earth-Romulan War ended just weeks after the battle of Cheron, and the entire crews of the USS Columbia and her two consorts were declared missing-in-action, presumed dead.

That undamaged warp five engine, with nothing to power except for the twelve cryogenic-stasis tubes had enough fuel to run for centuries, and run it did, until the drifting hulk of the USS Columbia was found 90-years-later as it drifted close to a shipping lane and was discovered by a Federation research vessel.

Of the twelve officers and crew who went into stasis, only four of their tubes were still online 90-years-later. That was in the year 2249. Minna, who had been badly injured at Aurix, was revived from stasis and sent to Walter Reed Medical Center where for the next year she recovered from many surgeries, learned how to walk again, and then how to run. In 2250 she was discharged from Walter Reed, applied for and was accepted at Starfleet Academy, where she hoped to find a new life in this strange and new century.

Once she entered Starfleet Academy in 2250 Minna studied Romulan language and history in attempt to find some inner peace with what she had experienced during the Earth-Romulan War almost a century before. Upon graduation in 2254 Minna was commissioned at her old rank of Lieutenant JG and assigned as Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Europa. She served on the Europa until the ship was destroyed at the Battle of the Binary Stars.

Minna was then assigned to the USS Lexington where she served for the duration of the Klingon War as assistant chief of security and then in 2257 she was promoted to full lieutenant and assumed the role of chief of security, again on the Lexington.

With the war over and Lexington in for refit, Minna requested assignment to an exploration ship with the desire to avoid serving on Earth, which just had too many memories for her. She was assigned as chef of security for the USS Ochoa. Like she did eight years before, Minna has also started studying Klingon language and history in an attempt to find inner peace, though at this point she only knows a few basic phrases and has a very limited knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Line Officer
Authorization Code Chang Alpha 4-1-1-7
Cabin Assigment Cabin 1112
Clearance Level Level Three
Service Record *** United Earth Academy 2153-2156 ***

*** Earth-Romulan War 2156-2159 ***

Ensign, Armory Officer
USS Columbia 2156-2157

Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Armory Officer
USS Columbia 2156-2159

Lieutenant JG, Missing Presumed Killed in Action
USS Columbia 2159-2249 (in cryogenic stasis)

*** Walter Reed Medical Center 2249-2250 ***

*** Starfleet Academy 2250-2254 ***

Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief of Security
USS Europa 2254-2256

*** Klingon War 2256-2257 ***

Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief of Security
USS Lexington 2256-2257

Lieutenant, Chief of Security
USS Lexington 2257-2257

*** Command School 2257-2258 ***

Chief of Security, USS Ochoa 2258-Present
Medical Record Minna carries the marks of many old wounds.

During the Earth-Romulan War in the mid 22nd century Minna served out the war relatively unscathed, until the final battle in late 2159 when her back was crushed by a falling support beam. She also sustained injuries to her left eye and the left side of her head caused by an exploding panel. Minna was put into cryogenic stasis after the battle and revived 90-years-later, at which time she underwent regenerative surgery, but had to learn how to walk again. Her left eye was was not fully repairable and she declined a prosthetic. The result is slow tracking, far-sightedness and a few blurry spots that cannot be further corrected.

Minna graduated from the 23rd century Starfleet academy in 2254 and served throughout the Klingon War, being inured on three separate occasions.

Her left hip took a disruptor hit at the Battle of The Binary Stars which was successfully repaired.

She suffered a Bat'leth cut from the left hand to the left elbow and took a disruptor hit to her left upper back (shoulder blade) at the Battle of Coravan II, which were successfully repaired.

Finally she took a Disruptor hit to left knee Battle of Ophicucus toward the end of the war. Doctors recommended amputation and fitment of a prosthetic leg, which Minna again refused. Reconstruction of the knee was partially successful in that she has only a 55 degree range of motion and very limited lateral stability. She walks with a limp that she can conceal for short periods, and wears an external brace for any strenuous exercise or duty (including all away missions) or any time she expects to walk more than a short distance.

While Minna does have residual disabilities, specifically related to her left eye and left knee, she is able to pass all Starfleet physical fitness standards and when using her knee brace is able to perform her duties with no restrictions.