Star Trek

USS Ochoa

Xim Reslo

Name Xim Reslo

Position Forensic Specialist

Character Basics

Gender Reassigned Non-Binary
Preferred Pronouns They/Their/Theirs
Sexual Orientation Queer
Age 27
Date of Birth October, 27, 2229
Birthplace First City of H'ramma, Troyius, Tellun System
Languages Spoken Troyian, Elasian, Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Species Troyian
Height 5’10” (177.8m)
Build Slender
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Distinguishing Marks Troyians are a species of quasi-avian, possibly psuedo-mammalian humanoids with light aventurine, jade or peridot colored skin. Xim's skintone is a creamy jade color. He is distinguished by his feathery, curly hair hair, blue eyes and unusual features. Troyians have shoulder scaling, and a shimmering spot-like affect along the hairline (and into the hair. They are noted to have a nasal ridge that rises on to the mid-cranium.
Most Memorable Aspect Creamy jade-colored skin, androgynous qualities


Partner(s) None: Contractually obligated to avoid "romantic entanglements"

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? Xim is happiest when alone. They are a true introvert and they chose a profession of mortician (Dresser for the Dead to their people) and forensic specialist because it seldom draws a lot of social aspects. That way, Xim can work at their own pace on the projects they enjoy. The Morgue is a quiet place that doesn't see much action but Forensics fascinates Xim.
What Are They Like in a Group? Xim tends to use snark to try to keep groups at an arm's length. They seem "testy" and never comes off as well-socialized. They assume others will make judgments about their profession and prefers to shut them down before they even get a chance. However, Xim is also insightful and brilliant when allowed to examine situations from their unorthodox point of view. When not being snarky, Xim has a cool, calculating quality, the type that views a dead body as both a defunct piece of machinery, and an interesting puzzle.
Hobbies and Interests Crime novels, true crime and historical crime (such as Jack the Ripper). Xim also enjoys swimming and diving and their pet Tengalu (sort of like a Troyian cat).

Personal Timeline

Academic/Academy Degree(s) Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Exosurgical Theory

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Other/Civilian
Authorization Code Reslo-Gamma-3-3
Cabin Assigment Cabin 1009
Clearance Level Level Four
Medical Record At the age of 20 (in 2250), Xim underwent a "security procedure" that the Troyian Actons engage in to reinforce the personal loyalty and to curb desire in their staff, including domestic, diplomatic and medical personnel. The practice once existed on Earth in various means and for various purposes, and with various levels of medical sophistication. Xim is the Troyian equivalent of a Eunuch. They elected for "neutral assignment" surgery. Xim was biologically born a male of their species. Normally at the end of the contracted tenure, Xim would have been "reassigned" to their genetic and/or preferred gender and sex.