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Commander Remy Stokes

Name Remy Yasmin Stokes

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Basics

Gender Cisgender Female
Preferred Pronouns She, Her, Hers
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Age 49
Date of Birth November 14th, 2208
Birthplace Morant Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean League
Languages Spoken English (N), Federation Standard, Proxima Creole, Haitian Creole

Physical Appearance

Species Human (Earther)
Height 5’5” (1.62m)
Build Average, matron-ish. Though gravity is beginning to win the war, Remy is still quite spry. She eats well and is a somewhat regular fixture on the cardiac circuit in the gym. And she’s never given up her love of swimming.
Hair Black. Remy takes pride in her hair and likes to have it braided into many small braids which she gathers either in a bun or in a ponytail. On festive occasions, she’ll weave copper or colored string into some of them.
Eyes Dark Brown
Distinguishing Marks Remy has two sides: the civilian who likes her bright sun dresses and flowers, and the more minimalist scientist on duty. In her youth when she donned the Medical whites, she had a fondness for the long skants but as a commanding officer, she is seldom in anything else but the pant and jacket combo.

Remy does not cut any kind of imposing figure. She is comfortable being among crowds, not dominating them. She has few particularly distinguishing characteristics. Her skin is a dusky shade of caramel, her hair is dark and almost always in rivulets of braids worked into a bundle. She only fidgets with it in private. Though she is a handsome woman, she was never a beauty. Now as she pushes into middle age, gravity is beginning to win the war. She is sturdy of build, easing into matronly. She wears a gold finger on her left hand (her wedding band).
Most Memorable Aspect Alternate senses of this being a collected, calm person- but also a little wily.


Partner(s) Cyrille Stokes (Husband; age 54) is a semi-retired Civil Engineer originally from Bon Proxima Colony. He is staying back and helping advise on several rebuilding projects on various colonies.
Children Taye Stokes (Son; age 20) is currently in his third year at Starfleet Academy and is studying to be a Propulsion Engineer.
Parent(s) Ennis Bogle (Father; age 82). Ennis lives in Morant Bay, Jamaica and is a former primary school teacher. Maisie Lord (Mother; age 81) also lives in Morant Bay, Jamaica and is a Jamaican Jazz performer. Maisie and Ennis divorced twenty-five years ago and though they easily fall into old combativeness, they are generally civil.
Sibling(s) Tia Bogle-Sato (Sister; Age 52) lives on Vega IX Colony with her husband (Mura Sato) and two sons. Libby Bogle (Sister; Age 44) is unmarried and works as a gardener and horticulturalist in Kingston, Jamaica.
Other Family Dash, a seven-year-old female Great Dane who lives aboard ship with Remy.
Moshe Samble is Cyrille’s best friend and is an adopted “Brother in Law.” He is the former Commanding Officer of the Ochoa.
Relationships With Family About seven years ago, Remy Stokes entered a new stage of her life: she was promoted to First Officer of a ship that, for the first time, would take her light years from family for years. That’s usually a role one finds among the single and unattached. As a Captain of that same starship now, Remy’s life seems certain to carry her away from family again. “Love and trust are the glue that bind us through subspace,” is her motto. She knows it’s hard being away. She feels it too.

What’s different is now, her son is on his own, at Starfleet Academy. And Cyrille has decided to stay behind to help rebuild some of the colonial infrastructure lost in the war. So for the first time, Remy is also more or less on her own. She sends regular subspace messages home, but they are too far for two-way, instant communication. Everybody will be going through a lot of adjustments.

Remy’s parents are the least understanding but also supportive. Remy is the first in her family to serve Starfleet. Her parents are decidedly civilian about the whole thing but are pleased she’s making something of herself beyond Morant Bay.

Remy was the middle child between her siblings who were classic- they bickered with Remy in the middle as peacemaker. The three sisters are not extremely close, though Remy feels like she understands Libby more than Tia. Tia is the most independent of the family and wanted to leave so much she went all the way to Vega Colony. The family hears from her by subspace once or twice a year.

Remy’s relationship with her son and husband goes through fluctuations. The simple fact that Remy was a working, professional woman ultimately in Starfleet and Starfleet is full of people who either never had families, or never successfully integrated those families into that world. There are a lot of “Starfleet spinsters” and “Starfleet singles.” Remy tried. She succeeded though not as well as she hoped.

Taye is much more like his father than his mother. He’s technical and grounded in the measurable. Remy’s job was, for so long, about trying to get people to talk about themselves and their experiences. Taye and Cyrille aren’t great at that. There has always been love, but Taye and Remy are not as close as Remy would have liked. Remy simply couldn’t always be there during the big moments in Taye’s life and she was always playing catch up.

Cyrille sometimes regretted that the family never had a stable place for them to grow up and grow old. He’d never meant for Starfleet to be his home. He loves Bon Proxima. It did occasionally strain their relationship and even today though there isn’t outright resentment, Cyrille especially wonders what life would have been like if they hadn’t done it this way. He especially feels that now, after such a destructive war. Meanwhile Taye has tried to be a hybrid of both of his parents. For the first time, the family will be apart for almost five years: that’s a long time to be away from your partner. Remy sometimes wonders if the magic is gone. She hopes not. But she sometimes worries it has.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? Remy seldom endures total silence: she has lived a life with a husband, a child, a ship, a duty. Though she is fond of solitude occasionally, it is almost never quiet solitude. Remy fills silence with music or the broadcasts of soccer matches over subspace. She also enjoys being read to, usually by the computer. It all makes a good background for her to turn to reading. Remy likes to keep up on cultural studies, fiction and nonfiction. She has a small collection of real books- antiques- that she is fond of. Remy also tends to enjoy time with her dog, Dash.

In this privacy, Remy's true self is contemplative, intellectual and spiritual. She does maintain a "spiritual but not religious" aspect which is her private business. This is when she is creative within her own context (she seldom creates, but likes it). In some ways Remy is coming to grips with more silence than she has felt in a long time. It's like an old friend that she's still sussing out how much they have in common after all these years.

Solitude is also when Remy is most emotional. She is receptive to the needs of others in public, but only in private does she take stock of her own feelings. She also indulges in the foods of her choice, as she tends to pick at meals in crowds.
One Thing They Are Good At Listening.
One Thing They Are Bad At Rapid reaction and decision making. Her decisions are much better when she has time to think them out. When pressed, she goes with an impulse and sometimes forms a desire to avoid the person who forced her hand.
One Thing They Never Want Known About Them She has little love for Starfleet and that feeling is a complex one. She never saw it as her life's work, but when it fell in her lap it was a thrill. Now as she looks back, it's disrupted a lot of the plans she had in her young life. Remy is at that age that she is looking back at what she'd intended and what she has accomplished. Starfleet, to her, became a necessity. She acknowledges it helped her a great deal. But she feels a distance with her family- her child and husband more than anything- and there's regret over that that ties in to Starfleet. Coupled with this is a feeling that Remy doesn't want people to know that her marriage isn't always a happy one, and she is more distant with her child than she ever thought she'd be.
Worst Habit Remy is conflict-avoidant. She loathes it and will sometimes delegate to someone when she prefers to not be the "Bad Guy." But worse, she tends to put off necessary confrontation, which can exacerbate the situation. She can engage in conflict and confrontation, but it is something that will erode both her desire to lead, and her confidence in those skills.
Hobbies and Interests Theology:
Personal Goals This is Remy's last voyage. She plans to retire from Starfleet at the end of this five year mission. Her goal is to grow closer to her son and husband, to somehow "catch up on what she's missed." She has had enough of counseling- the war was brutal and exhausting. Getting away on this five year cruise is as much about distancing herself from the trauma of the war as exploration. But it also directly contradicts her desire to be closer to Cyrille and Taye. On this mission, she would like to chart dozens of new systems and meet as many new alien species.
Why Do They Work For/With Starfleet? Remy came to Starfleet because originally, her husband Cyrille was offered a job and a commission. They both ended up joining. Ironically it has been Remy that has stayed the longest. She acknowledges that Starfleet is generally a force of good and she enjoys the resources of the largest expeditionary force in the quadrant. And though the "blossom is off" her sense of duty had her sign on for one more round. She is quite pleased that a sizable portion of her crew are civilians.

Personal Timeline

Academic/Academy Degree(s) Psychiatry and Xenopsychology; Comparative Exotheology.
Personal Timeline November 14, 2208: Remy is born in the midst of a category one hurricane clipping the island of Jamaica on its way through to the Gulf. The Hurricane was named Hurricane Remy: she was named after it.

August 2227: Remy attends Regent College in British Columbia, studying Theology and Comparative Psychology.

May 2231: Remy graduates from Regent College and moves to Proxima Colony to attend Medical School at the Proxima Dwarka Medical Forum. She studies spiritual care and psychiatry.

December 2231: Remy meets Moshe Samble, an infuriating but charming local who introduces her to her future husband. They don’t exactly get on at first.

June 2235: Remy does her Residency in New Jodhpur at Starfleet Medical Center, Proxima.

June 2237: Completes her Residency; Remy marries Cyrille Stokes, a civil engineer who lives between Proxima Colony and Kentaura Colony. He’s fascinated by terraforming and colonization efforts.

April 2238: Taye, Remy and Cyrille’s only child, is born.

August 2240: Cyrille takes a temporary commission with Starfleet to help construct civilian colonist barracks for a new colony (a first attempt on Cestus III). Their work was based at Starbase 11. Remy also chooses to take on a commission in Starfleet as a counselor and chaplain. Both undergo a year of Starfleet course-extension training to familiarize themselves with Starfleet operations and protocols.

October 2242: With their assignment completed, Cyrille resigns his commission and the family plans to return to Bon Proxima. But Cyrille’s best friend and “sort of part of the family” Moshe Samble suggests they should join him on a scientific survey mission of the Betazed region. Remy agrees to serve as a counselor there and enjoys spending time on Betazed learning about its people. Cyrille has ample opportunity to study Betazoid architecture, some of the most exquisite in the sector.

2242-2245: Remy and Cyrille and their son Taye live in the Federation Embassy on Betazed. Remy’s job profile is largely diplomatic and cultural in origin. Cyrille does a great deal of work studying and learning about Betazed architecture and is on the project to expand and remodel the existing Embassy.

November 2245: Remy gets pregnant for a second time but loses the child due to a transporter emergency. To this day, she is not fond of transporters (she’s not afraid of them, she just doesn’t like them).

December 2245: Remy is reassigned to the Federation starship Earhart, her first role as a diplomatic aide and Xenoculturalist around a planet called Ennan VI. It is a short mission but Cyrille and Taye join her. For the first time, Cyrille has no clear job mandate, though the occasional time on Ennan are fruitful; they are excellent architects.

February 2247: Moshe Samble is given command of the Walker-class Henrique, named after Portuguese Prince Henry the Navigator. Moshe tries to talk Cyrille and Remy into joining him on a lengthy five-year mission in the Alpha Quadrant, but they decline. Moshe is hurt enough that the friends do not speak for nearly two years.

March 2247: With their assignment aboard the Earhart complete and the ship due to refit, Remy, Cyrille and Taye return to Proxima Colony. Cyrille accepts a job as a guest lecturer at Starfleet Academy’s Engineering Extension Course at the Proxima Fleet Yards. He also resumes work with the Kentaura Colony Civil Engineering Project. Though her next assignment is very sedate and keeps her close to Proxima (on Toliman Colony), Remy looks back on the next couple of years as stagnant. The highlight was raising her son.

2247-2249: Remy is assigned to Starfleet Medical’s Geriatric Support Campus on Toliman Colony. Her job is largely to help elderly, retired Starfleet officers’ transition into a civilian life. She also trains in death, dying and end of life supportive care.

November 14, 2249: On her birthday, Remy tells Cyrille honestly that she’s bored and she misses space. Cyrille argues that they’ve been in space and not at a steady home for long periods of time, and that Taye would do better in a stable environment. Remy wins the argument, but it does strain her relationship with her husband and son.

2249-2252: Remy and her family accept an assignment aboard a Starfleet Medical Cruiser. She is made Second Officer. Remy undergoes Bridge Certification training for the role. For the second time, Cyrille finds himself without a clear employment mandate. He tries to do some consulting work by subspace with some civilian contractors on Kentaura but the local Kentauran economy model is recessing.

2252-2256: Remy Stokes serves as an Executive Officer on the Ochoa on its first deep space assignment. It’s her first deep space assignment as well. Remy has reservations about serving as an Executive Officer so soon but weighs it with disappointing her friend and sort-of-family member, Samble, again. Cyrille agrees to go (reluctantly), along with Taye who is now showing a strong interest in starship operations as well. Cyrille has a midlife crisis when the Kentaura Project he’s helping consult cuts ties with the Kentauran government and then ultimately dissolves. He is able to occasionally study alien architecture when the Ochoa makes berth with a friendly sentient species, but months can go by between. He ends up tutoring Taye.

2256: Continues as Executive Officer aboard the Ochoa on its second five-year deep space mission. Taye enrolls in Starfleet and is not with the family. Cyrille negotiates with Remy that this is his last deep space assignment. He turns to writing and taking on a doctorate program in theoretical engineering by subspace. The Ochoa is preempted a few months in because of the war and races back to Federation space.

2256-2257: During the Federation-Klingon War, Ochoa arrived home late. Remy was assigned to Starbase One as a counselor and psychiatrist for the wounded and the next of kin to those KIA and MIA.

2257: Remy and several thousand Starfleet officers barely escape with their lives as the Klingon House of D’Ghor directly assaults Starbase One in its bid for the Klingon Chancellery. The war ends shortly after.

May 2258: Remy is promoted and made Captain of the Ochoa as Moshe resigns his commission and retires from Starfleet. It is her first direct command. In Remy’s mind her first will also be her last: she secretly plans to resign her commission after the five-year mission is over.

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Command Officer
Authorization Code Stokes-Sigma-7-1-3
Cabin Assigment Cabin 701
Clearance Level Level One
Service Record August 2240-August 2241: Starfleet Academy Supplemental Training for Medical Personnel. Remy completes the year-long course with her Partner, Cyrille. She is commissioned a Junior Grade Lieutenant.
Medical Record March 14, 2258: Minor to moderate bone density loss in the left hip and left shoulder.
    Diagnosis: Mild Osteopenia/Pre-Osteoporosis. A course of calcium fortifiers are recommended, and Remy is encouraged to eat or drink some source of calcium regularly (she usually goes with yogurt).