Star Trek

USS Ochoa

Dr. Berit Tøksvig

Name Dr. Berit Tøksvig PhD

Position Planetologist

Character Basics

Gender Cisgender Female
Preferred Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Age 43
Date of Birth January 11, 2215
Birthplace Aalborg, Denmark, European Union
Languages Spoken Danish (N), Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Species Human (Earther)
Height 5'4" (1.62m)
Build Average
Hair Brunette
Eyes Blue
Most Memorable Aspect Eccentric.


Partner(s) Søren Lange (Divorced 2252), Henning Busk (Divorced 2257)
Children None

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? Thoughtful, probably at her best potential for analytical thought but also prone to anxiety. Berit is one of those people who claims to be quite introverted but she can only tolerate it for so long. She prefers to be in the (small) company of like-minded people.
What Are They Like in a Group? Eccentric, nerdy, dry-witted, comes off as a swotty try hard among much more naturally charismatic people. Ironically she prefers the company of fellow scientists more. Berit is quite endearing if you can tolerate her scattershot thinking and conversation, her off the cuff- sometimes awkward- humor and her tendency to find accretion disks and planetary dust dispersal patterns interesting.
What Are They Like Under Stress? Surprisingly calm and focused, if completely clamped down on emotions to the point of seeming a reactive marionette. She doesn't panic during, she panics after.
One Thing They Need Everyone to Know About Them Igneous planetesimals generally achieve roundness by 1,000km and will begin the process of differentiation by as little as 100km. Also if violinists could be rock stars, she'd be a Viola Rock Goddess.
Worst Habit Showing off the depth and breadth of her knowledge on planetology, planetary dynamics and stellar evolution. She tends to try to impress the "cool people" even today.

Personal Timeline

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Other/Civilian
Authorization Code Tøksvig-Epsilon-2-9-9-8
Cabin Assigment Cabin 1104
Clearance Level Level Five