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Lieutenant JG Ik'nak't

Name Ik'nak't

Position Relief Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Basics

Gender Neutral
Preferred Pronouns They/Their/Theirs
Sexual Orientation Asexual
Age 17
Date of Birth 2241
Birthplace Shtixiticitl Asteroid
Languages Spoken Szitix'ix, Federation Standard (Comprehend Only- requires ULT for speech)

Physical Appearance

Species Szitix'ix
Height 4'7" (139.4m)
Build Slender
Hair None
Eyes Yellow-Gray
Distinguishing Marks "Ick-nack-t" is a member of a non-humanoid alien species known as the Szitix'ix (Zie-ticks-icks). They are a species similar to terrestrial stick insects in appearance, though they are warm-blooded. They are soft-bodied arthropodoids with trapezoidal heads. Large eyes dominate either end of the head. The face tapers into a creped, almost nonsegmented worm-like structure with numerous pits (sets of vibration and proprioception sensors similar to ears). Their skin is generally brown. Szitix'ix have unusual compound arms similar to a mantis, with retractable finger-like tentacle appendages. Their bodies are narrow and uniform, with three sets of highly flexible, spindly legs with similar finger-like tentacles.

Ik'nak't uses their hands on the consoles, but also possess a holographic interface display on their forehead, which they use compound movements of their eyes for. It's a simple system that the Szitix'ix are familiar with, but interfacing with it by a non-Szitix'ix in an emergency is difficult at best. Ik'nak't also does not speak in a phonetic sense- Szitix'ix language is a combination of tentacle finger movements, head postures, audible pops, clicks and hisses. Ik'nak't can understand phonetic speech and has hearing equivalent to a Ferengi, but they cannot reproduce those sounds without a ULT. When interfacing with Ik'nak't, a delayed, androgynous monotone translates from a device on their chest.


Partner(s) None (Sterile High-Drone)
Children None (Sterile High-Drone)
Parent(s) Rx'tizxi (Stud Drone); Kiii'sht'e (Queen)
Sibling(s) Several hundred.
Other Family Several hundred.
Relationships With Family Ik'nak't has no formal contact and no current desire to contact their home colony. As a high drone, their purpose is to explore and collect information on the galaxy outside of the hive. Near the end of their life, Ik'nak't will feel a biological compulsion to return to their colony and share their information before they perish. High-drones are essentially ambassadors and learners- like rogue scholars- to the Szitix'ix.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? If Ik'nak't is alone, they are in a self-imposed torpor. The Szitix'ix have no concept of privacy or "alone time" as being preferable. Ik'nak't has their own quarters but it is completely without furnishings save for it's spun hammock, a cocoon like structure. Ik'nak't simply uses the room for torpor. The Szitix'ix are a social, group-minded species.

Personal Timeline

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Staff Officer
Authorization Code Ik'nak't-Iota-6-6-1-1
Cabin Assigment Cabin 1011
Clearance Level Level Four