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Lieutenant Commander August Saldivar

Name August Saldivar

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Operations Management Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Basics

Gender Nonbinary
Preferred Pronouns They/Them
Sexual Orientation Queer
Age 36
Date of Birth 31 July 2222
Birthplace South Shore, Garasar, Argelius II
Languages Spoken Argelian (N), English

Physical Appearance

Species Human/Argelian
Height 1.72 meters
Build Round
Hair Brown, short, trimmed on the sides
Eyes Brown
Distinguishing Marks Tattoo of flora on left upper arm
Most Memorable Aspect August is big and they know it. They’re a high-energy, high-volume presence in any room. They’ve gotten rounder as they get older, but they don’t mind.


Partner(s) None
Children One daughter, given up for adoption in 2237
Parent(s) Jyjin, Argelian, musician on Argelius II
Carlos Saldivar, Human, administrative law clerk on Argelius II
Sibling(s) Citro Saldivar, teacher on Argelius II
January Saldivar, entertainment technician on Argelius II
May Saldivar, musician on Argelius II
Relationships With Family A mixed bag. They definitely feel like the odd one out as the only one who doesn't live on Argelius. They are closer with their siblings than their parents, and feel resentful towards Argelian culture. As their sisters and parents embrace the hedonistic Argelian lifestyle, they are closer to their brother, who tends toward a more regimented approach.

Personality Traits

What Are They Like When Alone? August is the ultimate rule-follower. They love rules. They love making rules, reading rules, closing loopholes in rules. When alone, they tend towards obsession over perceived inconsistencies or injustices, so they try to spend as little time alone as possible.
What Are They Like in a Group? Their default mood is “chipper” and they derive great satisfaction from taking care of their shipmates. They’re more interested in other people’s problems than their own. A people-pleaser.
What Are They Like Under Stress? August can be somewhat inflexible. They can over-deliberate on a course of action and then stick to it too rigidly once decided, even if the situation changes.
One Thing They Are Good At August is an unfailing optimist.
One Thing They Are Bad At Truly terrible at telling people 'no.'
One Thing They Need Everyone to Know About Them They're here to make your life easier!... as long as it's regulation.
One Thing They Never Want Known About Them They have a daughter that they gave up for adoption at age 15.
Worst Habit August is terrible at reading a room and tends to run roughshod over other people's emotions if they don't fit with what August wants.
Worst Fear Close-quarters personnel combat is the absolute worst.
Worst Vice Gus is a gossip--they're always looking for the latest scoop.
Hobbies and Interests August, when not on duty, loves baking for their shipmates. No protein resequencers in sight—it’s all yeast all the time. Once or twice a year they try to activate their presumably-latent Argelian empathic abilities, but they’re only half Argelian and have never had a moment of luck. Gus loves being a mentor to junior officers and looks for opportunities to guide younger people.
Personal Goals Gussie would love to become a fleet-level administrator in Starfleet Headquarters once they've spent enough time in space getting experience and seeing the galaxy.
Why Do They Work For/With Starfleet? At first they joined as a way to fill time and gain structure in their life. Now, they genuinely enjoy administration and resource management, and Starfleet is a way to use those powers for good.

Personal Timeline

What Do They Remember Most About Their Birthplace/Childhood? August never really felt at home in Argelian culture, and struggled with their relationship to Humanity. Their father was an imported Human administrator, but he'd quickly hooked up with a local and adopted a similarly hedonistic lifestyle. While Gus does appreciate art, they find the undisciplined philosophy of most Argelians to be foreign to their heart.
Life Event(s): Childhood August, who was born in July, was something of a surprise to their parents. They came early, and Jyjin and Carlos didn't really know what to do with them. That never really changed. They always seemed like the odd one out in the family.

When they were ten years old, Gussie went to a museum with their family. They liked the cool clean building much more than their loud chaotic home, and snuck away to live in the museum exhibit forever. When their parents realized that they were missing, a search was mounted. Gussie was crushed that their parents didn't even seem that mad that they'd tried to run away, just amused.
Life Event(s): Adolescence Teenage Gussie tried to integrate better into Argelian culture. They suppressed their analytical side and tried to get better at socializing and enjoying themself. Unfortunately, they overcorrected; they fell pregnant at the age of 14. Teenage pregnancies are not unheard of on Argelius, but this was not the life that Gussie envisioned for themself. They decided to give up the child for adoption after giving birth shortly after their 15th birthday.
Life Event(s): Adulthood August learned that Starfleet was opening an administrative compound shortly after their 18th birthday and jumped at the chance for a job that wasn't in entertainment or art. They enlisted as a lowly yeoman and discovered a genuine love for paperwork, procedure, and order. They spent two more years working their way up the secretarial ranks before capping out at yeoman, first class. More than two years later, they realized that this could be their life forever: stuck on Argelius, living at home, never getting away from their family and a culture that felt alien. They left their family a letter and hopped on the next transport bound for Earth to enroll at Starfleet Academy. They weren't sure whether being a Starfleet officer would be right for them, but it was a step in the right direction.

Gus was content to be the chief yeoman of their first posting, the U.S.S Earhart, and served in that role for more than five years. Then, in December 2254, a position for a junior operations officer opened up. At the urging of their captain, Gus transferred in to oversee the ship's resource management, and fell in love with the new responsibilities. "Get the people what they need" became their life motto.
Academic/Academy Degree(s) Operations, specialization in Yeomanry
Personal Timeline July 31st, 2222: born on Argelius II
June 2236: graduates from mandatory education
September 2237: gives birth to a daughter, but gives her up for adoption
June 2238: begins identifying as nonbinary

Starfleet Service

Staff or Line Officer? Line Officer
Authorization Code Saldivar-Nu-8-3
Cabin Assigment Cabin 703
Clearance Level Level Two
Service Record August 2240: enlists as a yeoman, 3rd class, at the Starfleet administrative compound on Argelius II
October 2241: promoted to yeoman, 2nd class
February 2243: promoted to yeoman, 1st class
September 2245: enrolls in Starfleet Academy, operations track
July 2249: assigned to U.S.S. Earhart as chief yeoman at the rank of lieutenant junior grade
December 2254: promoted to lieutenant, reassigned as operations officer
January 2257: reassigned as chief operations officer
May 2258: promoted to lieutenant commander, assigned to U.S.S. Ochoa for long-range scientific survey. Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer.
Medical Record Withheld for privacy reasons.