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Mission 0.1: Coming Together

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Moshe Samble has made a sacrifice: Give the Admiralty what they want, in return for what he wants. After five months of delay and diversion in the postwar’s resource scarcity, the Admiralty has agreed to greenlight Ochoa’s relaunch.

The cost was Moshe Samble’s commission: he has resigned from Starfleet. That thorn is finally out of the sides of the Admiralty- at least officially.

The ship will launch on a new five-year deep space assignment with its former XO at The Con: a seasoned psychologist, humanist and team player named Remy Stokes. She is more appropriate for the mission that a postwar Starfleet had in mind. She is a patient bridge builder who welcomes input from civilian scientists. Rank has its place to her, but she has gone shopping for exploration zeal and expertise. All are welcome at her table.

But Moshe Samble isn’t done with the Ochoa or his friend and former XO Remy yet.

Just before the Ochoa received news of the war and decided to head back, the Ochoa was exploring a distant red giant star undergoing stages of instability. On one of the moons of a surviving gas giant, they detected what appeared to be ruins on lidar sensors. Further, the moon had tantalizing evidence that at one time, someone had attempted to shift its climate. Subspace readings in the area also appeared unusual in an inconclusive way.

Moshe had a feeling they were on the edge of something big- like this was some kind of distant outpost. Remy concurred- though as usual in the less ardent and inflexible way Moshe tends to do things. Remy is open to “exploring further”- a statement Moshe has taken as an all-out agreement that they will make a beeline for that system, known as 31 Aranea; Moshe is sorely mistaken.

For now, the goal is to get Ochoa launched on time, with ample crew.

Mission Group Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Start Date Thursday November 7th, 2019 @ 11:56am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Deja Vu
by Minna Chang & Holly Meadows
Mission Day 580601 at 0700 Sickbay, USS Ochoa
A New Chapter Begins
by Remy Stokes & August Saldivar & Minna Chang
Mission Day 580528 at 1300 Bridge, USS Ochoa
Checking In
by August Saldivar & Tayran Wayne
Mission Day 580528 at 0930 XO's "Office"
Stowaway Ghosts
by Remy Stokes & Ik'nak't & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 580528 at 0500 USS Earhart, NCC-1052
Two Ships Passing In The Night
by Tayran Wayne & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 580527 at 2100 Fusion Bar Denang/Franciso's Hoterl Room
The Ochoa
by Minna Chang
Mission Day 580527 at 0730 Proxima Fleet Yards
Thrust Upon
by Remy Stokes & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 580524 at 0800 Starfleet Strategic Operations, Alpha Centauri: Proxima Fleet Yards
Home Again Home Again
by Tayran Wayne & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 580518 at 0000 Tayran's Childhood Home
by Remy Stokes & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 580515 at 0100 Bon Proxima Colony, Alpha Centauri Colonies; home of Remy and Cyrille Stokes, New Jodhpur
The Science is What Matters
by Remy Stokes & Moshe Samble
Mission Day 580515 at 0030 Bon Proxima Colony, Alpha Centauri Colonies; home of Remy and Cyrille Stokes, New Jodhpur
Try Me
by Minna Chang & Valentin Romanov
Mission Day 580513 at 2000 Churchill’s Bar, San Francisco
San Francisco
by Minna Chang & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 570501 at 0000 Captain's Ready Room, USS Lexington
by Tayran Wayne & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 560513 at 1730 Frieghter Viper/Deep Space K6
by Minna Chang & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 540601 at 0000 Office Rear Admiral Charles Randolph (Retired), Associate Dean of Students, Starfleet Academy
The Board
by Minna Chang & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 500302 at 0000 Conference Room, Walter Reed Medical Center
Lost, And Found
by Minna Chang & D-Series Computer
Mission Day 490210 at 0000 Wreckage of USS Columbia, NX-02

Mission Summary

Objectives for Mission 0.1
Mission 0.1 is a “Pre-Mission” before our ship officially launches. Mission 0.1 will end upon our relaunch of the Ochoa on its mission and the Captain setting a brief Shakedown course to test engines, sensors, communications.

• Arrive on Proxima Colony, or Proxima Fleet Yards (or if after June 1st, Ochoa itself)
• Meet the Captain
• Begin JPs to meet your fellow crewmates
• Engage in a “Side Trek” according to your department
• Resolve Side Treks and return to the Ochoa, report in
• Launch and do a short Shakedown cruise

Mission 0.1: Opening Setting
Proxima Fleet Yards holds the Ochoa in Slip Six; beyond it is the Jade Jewel of the Federation, Bon Proxima Colony. The Alpha Centauri colonies lie beyond in just a few hours by warp. Here our story begins to coalesce. It is here that our personnel will converge and eventually board the Ochoa to begin its third deep space assignment.