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Posted on Saturday December 7th, 2019 @ 7:03am by Tayran Wayne & D-Series Computer

Mission: Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Location: Frieghter Viper/Deep Space K6
Timeline: Mission Day 560513 at 1730

The freighter Viper was docked at Deep Space K 6 and the crew had been given shore leave. Captain Myers, the owner of the vessel had warned everyone to be on their best behavior. Her warning, for the most part, wasn't needed. While some of them could get a little rowdy, none of them were real troublemakers. And given the cargo, they were carrying, those who she trusted enough to inform, knew the last thing they wanted was to draw attention to themselves.

The ship itself had a decent reputation. It was known for carrying humanitarian supplies like medical supplies, farming equipment, water, and fresh fruits and vegetables. More often than not they usually carried those type supplies, at least in a limited capacity in their main hold. But what really made them profitable were the goods they carried in a hold that only a few of the crew knew about, and in crates that were deliberately mislabeled. That cargo was of a much more sinister nature. Usually, it consisted of weapons, recreational drugs, even some legitimate goods of questionable ownership.

On this particular trip, they were carrying something unusual A person. He wasn't a prisoner, there were some lines even Myers wouldn't cross, he was a guest a passenger. The hidden compartment wasn't the most comfortable of accommodations, but their quest an Andorian tharan didn't mind. He was used to much more spartan conditions. Keval was brokering a major arms deal, which if he were successful, would mean a lot of business for the Viper and for a large loose coalition of ships she was part of. It would be a big pay off for everyone involved. The need for secrecy was paramount and only three people on board knew that Keval was aboard and what his mission was.

Tayran was sitting at a table in the small cabin he shared with Jacob, the man he loved, reading a PAaD It was a well-written romance novel that was the perfect blend of emotional connection and raw sensuality. He was so engrossed in the novel that he didn't hear the doors to the cabin open and Jacob, the Viper's XO walk into the room. He didn't notice until he felt the smaller man's arms wrap around him from behind and lift him out of the chair.

The back of his neck was kissed before he was turned around."You ready for a little R&R?"

"With you, always," the nineteen-year-old said.

"Somehow I thought you'd say that, "Jacob replied releasing Tayran. "I'm going to shower and change. I've made reservations for dinner and a really nice place to stay. It's not Paris or Risa, and it's less than you deserve, but it will have to do. For now."

"How fancy is the restaurant, what should I wear?"

Jacob shrugged his shoulders, "Neither one of us is a fashion diva, so it's up to you. But I'm thinking something a little more upscale than jeans and a tee-shirt. Of course, I'd prefer you naked and in bed, but we'll have plenty of time for that."

"Promises, promises," the pilot said, "I'm pretty sure I can find something. You go and take care of yourself, I'll be ready when you get out."

Jacob gave him a final kiss before disappearing into the bathroom.

Tayran was true to his word. By the time Jacob emerged from their room, he was wearing a pair of charcoal grey pants, a green turtleneck, and a green sweater. Jacob was wearing grey slacks and a black turtleneck.

While it was true they weren't in Paris, the restaurant Jacob had selected was the next best thing, a French bistro. Tayran was not from Earth and had only been there twice; once to San Francisco and once to Paris.

So, he didn't have much to compare but the food was exquisite and the atmosphere sure seemed authentic to him.

The hotel was top-notch too. It was a starbase so there wasn't much of a view, but even if there had been neither of them would have been focused on it. The bed was nice enough though.

The next day they slept in until after 9:00. After a leisurely breakfast, Jacob rolled over and looked at his lover. "I'm looking forward to Round Two, or is it Three? Either way, I want more of you. But I need to meet the Captain, we've got a bunch of things to do if we're going to keep on schedule."

"But we just got here," Tayran protested.

"You know what they say, no rest for the wicked."

"That's okay, I can stick around while you do your thing, I'll even try making lunch."

Jacob shook his head, "No, Jen said she wanted you to do some shopping for supplies. You did pretty well last time negotiating that deal, and they want you to try again."

"Here you go," Jacob said as he gave Tayran a PAaD. This has a list of all the stuff we need and a list of the places they think you should try. And when you're done with that, you can do some shopping for yourself. You know have some fun. Pick out some nice clothes. And don't worry about the cost, Myers is going to take care of any expenses. Just consider it as part of your bonus."

Tayran would have preferred credits to clothes, but he wasn't going to argue. So he just took the PADD and nodded his head.

"Oh," Jacob replied, "And no need to come back too early. "It's probably going to be after 1500 before we're done."

After both men had gotten showers, they headed in opposite directions. Tayran wasn't exactly an introvert, but neither was he a social butterfly. Jacob and Myers were the better negotiators, but lately, they'd given him more responsibility in such matters.

He was far more comfortable flying the ship, even doing rudimentary repairs on the engines, but their persistence had started to pay off and he was coming out of his shell more and more. The exercises hadn't become routine yet, and he was starting to become more comfortable in the role. He was almost looking forward to his assigned chores.

This was not their first trip to the station, so he was pretty familiar with it and he knew where most of the suppliers' offices were located. As he left the hotel room things certainly looked normal. But that didn't stop the hairs on the back of his neck from sticking up and it didn't change his perception that something didn't feel right. He couldn't put his foot on it. He just knew it was something.

He was by no means a Starfleet officer, nor did he have any desire to be so. Even if he were, he would not choose the Intel or Security departments. However, he'd received some rudimentary off-book training in counter-surveillance tactics. As a matter of routine, he would keep an eye out and be wary. At that point, he frequently checked behind and around him but didn't see anything out of place, but he couldn't shake the feeling.

By Noon he'd gotten almost everything that was needed and decided to stop at his own favorite haunt, The Gray Goose for some lunch. They served breakfast items from across the quadrant all day. He picked out a fruit platter and added biscuits that the menu claimed were homemade and honey which was supposed to be fresh and real.

The waiter had just dropped his order off when a tall red-haired man sat down at his table uninvited, reached over and picked a piece of melon of his plate and put it in his mouth.

As Tayran's eyes grew wide, the man said, "I'd savor the taste of that meal if I were you, food in a penal colony isn't that good."

The pilot did his best to keep his face impassive but was not very good at hiding his surprise or anger. He sat up straighter."So, why do you think I'm going to a penal colony?

"You're Tayran Wayne?" the man asked with a knowing smile, "I think you know."

"Well, you're wrong. I have no idea what you're talking about."

The man, who had yet to identify himself, gave him a long appraising look. "Well, maybe you're right, I might be able to save you."

"Save me from what?"

"Yourself mainly. I think there's a chance that you're just naive and too trusting."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Jacob Greenmyer is cheating on you."

Forgetting his food for the moment Tayran's fist hit the table. "He loves me. I love him. He wouldn't cheat on me. You're fucking crazy."

"Ahh, so that's why you're so blind. You're thinking with your dick. We didn't know the two of you were so close. Not surprising though. "But I wasn't talking about that kind of cheating. Do you know what kind of cargo you carry?"

"Pharmaceuticals, agricultural supplies, farm equipment, even food sometimes. There's a law against humanitarian aid now?"

"No," the nameless man responded, "but that's now what you carry."

"Did I mention you were fucking crazy? I've checked the cargo out myself several times."

"Of course you have. Let me guess, it was when Myers or Jacob sent you? Right?"

"Soooo," Tayran said letting his words drag out, "what are you saying? What do you think we're carrying?"

"Well normally; recreational drugs, not pharmaceuticals, weapons, explosives, very dangerous stuff. Then there's gems, gold-pressed latnium, valuable items for the grey or even black market. You, well they have quite an enterprise going."

"But now, you're carrying someone, a very dangerous man, Keval th'Erzenhof. He's an Andorian arms dealer."

"Is this some kind of joke? Tayran asked, his head cocked to one side as he studied the man. "I think I would have noticed something like that."

"Not if they were careful and you were blind. And both of those are unfortunate realities. But, you don't have to trust me. Check for yourself."


"I'm Scott I'm with Starfleet Intel," the man said finally introducing himself. He handed over a PAaD to the younger man. You can use that to contact me. Or just trust me and let me pull you out now. Get you someplace safe.'

"Sorry, I don't really believe anything you're saying. But, just for grins, I'll check it out, but I'm pretty sure I'm not in danger."

"Well, you're wrong on just about every level. You are very much in danger. They probably won't kill you, but they could. More than likely they'll just throw you in front of the shuttlecraft so you're the one taking the heat.

"Fine," came the reply. I'll check it out. Just to shut you up and prove you wrong."


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