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Stowaway Ghosts

Posted on Thursday January 2nd, 2020 @ 2:09pm by Remy Stokes & Ik'nak't & D-Series Computer
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Mission: Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Location: USS Earhart, NCC-1052
Timeline: Mission Day 580528 at 0500

Remy chided herself in silence: She shouldn't have been surprised. The old adage was true- you can't go home again. It had been over ten years since she'd last set eyes on the venerable Engle-class. Now she watched the hull of it peel away from the back of the shuttle. Her dark eyes followed the regular, spidery scaffold that surrounded the deconstructed portions of the ship. In truth she recognized very little of it now, even though coming in she'd sworn to some old, familiar lines.

Those had not been happy times: Remy reminded herself of that. They'd left Betazed. Taye was still so young that it felt wrong to be out in space. They'd hardly talked to Moshe, ever since rejecting his pressure for them to join him on the Henrique. Remy scoffed to herself as they entered open space. The Earhart had looked new compared to Moshe's then-hunk of old junk. The Walkers today were like the Einsteins fifteen years ago. There were more of them in decommissioned surplus yards like Qualor and Struve than in active service.

Remy sighed and remembered the worst aspect of serving on Earhart: she'd lost a child in an emergency. Which was exactly why, this minute, she was in a shuttlecraft and not on a transporter pad. They had been devastated; somewhere inside Remy's deeper psyche, it was a catalyst. She lost a child in the service of Starfleet. Ever since, she'd been somehow try to get even. Gain something to compensate for the loss.

She shivered: years on she was still unable to think deeply about it. Remy preferred to think about what she had, not what she'd lost. She straightened and folded her arms under her breasts. The transport pod had no seating save for the pilot and co-pilot; Remy and the pilot were quite alone. Remy was content to let it pass in silence despite the changes she'd seen.

Remy had poked around to learn a bit more about her new "One:" August Saldivar. But the reality was, the ghosts she'd expected weren't the ghosts she'd found. Earhart had been involved in the Battle of the Binary Stars and had ultimately suffered repeated damage enough that it needed a refit. But when Remy came aboard, poking her head on the familiar decks of Sickbay and the Counseling Office, she'd encountered a cargo bay and a hydroponic system. They'd completely relocated what had been the heart of her service a decade ago. Remy also found the Bridge much changed.

Still, the CO had praise for August and felt they serving in the role of an Executive Officer was a good step forward for the part-Argellian. Remy walked away with a feeling that she'd been in more of a strange proxy dating service than an informal request of data on Saldivar; they were quick to sing their praises.

Remy took the advantages of rank and sidled into the co-pilot's chair, eyeing the Arkenite woman whom was piloting the craft. The massive nacelles of the Ochoa were fast approaching, and the two beings exchanged knowledge of this with a shared glance. Her comm beeped. Remy got off her bum and pulled it from her pocket.

"Stokes, you're live." She said in her Jamaican brogue.

Apologies Ma'am," a highly monotone voice said over the sound of clicks and pops. "You have a secure message from Starfleet Intelligence. They are requesting a meeting with you and Lieutenant Commander Saldivar."

Remy paused, "Understood. Inform the Commander I'd like to meet her in the Shuttlebay. They're probably still asleep, Ik'nak't, so do it gently." Clicking, popping and hissing began on the other end: Remy could picture those writhing, worm-like fingers on the mantisuesque arms of the Communications Officer.

"Yes Ma'am. I will inform them. Ochoa out." The Szitix'ix tasted in a computer-synthesized medium behind their normal clicking language.

Remy closed her communicator. She set the ghosts aside and turned her thoughts to what in the world Starfleet Intelligence would need with her.