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Two Ships Passing In The Night

Posted on Monday December 30th, 2019 @ 10:40pm by Tayran Wayne & D-Series Computer
Edited on on Thursday January 2nd, 2020 @ 1:33pm

Mission: Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Location: Fusion Bar Denang/Franciso's Hoterl Room
Timeline: Mission Day 580527 at 2100

Denang was the capital city of Rigel Kentaurus and Tayran knew it all too well. His brother had surprised him earlier that evening with a puppy of all things. The helmsman wasn't sure if he'd be allowed to keep the dog, so for the moment Michael was holding onto it

Tayran wasn't normally a partier. He didn't go to a lot of bars and when he did he didn't go to hook up. Only to grab a beer, or if he was feeling adventurous a whiskey. But he was about to ship off, for a very long time. So when Michael had told him about a new bar that had opened that was known to be a quieter place known for Terran Jazz and Andorian Blues he'd decided to pay the place a visit.

He was not in uniform, instead, he was wearing jeans and a grey turtleneck when he stepped into the quiet establishment and made his way to the L-shaped bar where he ordered himself a glass of bourbon. He closed his eyes briefly, soft jazz playing in the background.

Walking into the small bar Francisco looked around, noticing that it was much more peaceful than he'd expected, which was a good thing, as he was looking mostly just to relax before shipping out on his new posting. He was dressed in a pair of grey joggers, some comfortable sneakers, and a tight baby blue tank-top he'd chosen specifically because it showed off his body and brought out his cinnamon skin tone. He'd gotten a fresh haircut, and trimmed his beard before tomorrow, so most people would probably assume he was on the prowl, but he was honestly looking just to have a nice, peaceful evening, maybe a couple of drinks, and just see what happened.

Walking up to the bar to get himself a drink he noticed another man sitting there, dressed in a turtleneck. He was quite attractive, but Francisco rarely made the first move, so he just nodded politely and smiled, before turning to the barkeeper. "Can I get a limonada suíça, please?" he asked and was surprised when the bartender didn't ask him to explain what it was.

Tayran didn't recognize the man that had nodded at him, but then he didn't expect to, it had been a lot of years since he'd been home. He returned the nod and while the barkeeper may have known the drink, the pilot didn't.

"What kind of drink is that?" he asked to be polite and because he was curious.

After taking his drink from the bartender Francisco leaned against the bar on one arm and sipped, "It's a sort of alcoholic limeade. It's very popular where I'm from. Sometimes they make it with sweetened condensed milk, but it's too sweet for me then so I always just get it this way," he said. "Name's Francisco," he added, holding his hand out for a shake, and smiling again.

"Tayran," the seated man said sitting his drink down and taking the other man's hand.

With an uncharacteristic mischievous smile, he raised both brows and deadpanned, "So, sailor, come here often?"

Francisco just smiled and chuckled, blushing slightly at the subtle flirtation. "Nah, first time. How about yourself?" he asked.

"That line usually elicits a groan," the pilot responded, "I must be losing my touch. Not that I'm prone to throwing out lame pick-up lines. And yes this is my first time here. I'm here visiting my family. Just passing through really. What's your story?"

"I didn't want to be rude," Francisco said with a grin, "but I'm glad to know that was a pick-up line.", he added, smiling more broadly.

"As for me, I'm just passing through as well, but no family in the area. They're all back home in Brasil, on Earth,", he said. "Figured while I was here I might have a little fun, and relax a bit."

Tayran held up both hands, "It really wasn't a pick-up line, not that I don't find you attractive, it was supposed to be funny. I'm not the kind of guy that picks up some stranger in a bar."

"But tell me, what do you do for fun?"

"No? Well, darn, that's embarrassing," Francisco playfully replied to the first part of the man's comment. Then, moving on to the second part he got a bit more serious, "As to what I like to do for fun, this is probably going to sound beyond lame, but I like to draw, and I like to write mostly poetry. I'm pretty athletic as well, though, so I do like sports," Francisco replied.

"I don't think that's lame at all. I like to read, but I'm not much of a writer and I think an uncoordinated five-year-old could draw better.

"My favorite thing to do though is rock climbing."

Francisco nodded, "I've never been rock climbing. Which is strange, there was a really nice place to climb in the area around where I was born and raised. I was always much more interested in being at the beach," he said.

"And I highly doubt your drawing could be that bad," he added, sipping his drink, and taking a look out at the bar.

"Trust me, I suck as an artist, I'm a damned good pilot though."

"What kind of sports?"

"A good pilot huh?" Francisco said, pursing his lips and nodding thoughtfully. "Pretty impressive," he added.

"When it comes to sports I really like soccer. Played it for almost ten years in school, growing up. I still play when I can. I also really like to swim, and I'm pretty good at beach volleyball, too," he said in answer to the other man's question.

"Want another?" he asked, pointing to the other man's drink as he drained his own and sat the glass down, motioning to get the attention of the bartender.

"Sure," Tayran said, "You want to get a table?"

"Sounds good. How about you pick one out, and I'll be right there with the drinks?" Francisco asked.

Once the other man had agreed and wandered off to find a table Francisco looked at the bartender. "I'll have another, and one of what he was drinking as well. And can you get us something to snack on? I'm not picky, just something good, and not too heavy," he said.

Finishing up with the bartender Francisco turned to find his rather interesting companion. Spotting him just sitting down at a table a little further from the stage he started that way. "Good choice, less loud music, easier to talk," he said, sinking down into a chair. "The bartender should be here soon. I ordered our drinks, and asked him to bring something to snack on," he added.

"Glad you thought of the snacks, I am starting to get hungry."

"How long have you played soccer?"

"Same here, actually, and I've been playing soccer since I was about five, playing on teams since I was about nine," Francisco replied, leaning back in his chair. "You ever played?" he asked, looking back at the man sharing the table with him.

"A few times back in school, I was a striker. But there's a game here you might like, it's similar to lacrosse. Have you ever played that?"

"Not unless dating a lacrosse player in high school counts..." Francisco replied with a chuckle. "That's about as close as I've ever gotten. But I love learning new things," he added.

"Well, you know lacrosse players have to be very fit and in shape then," Tayran said, then chuckled, "sorry that was truly bad. So this lacrosse player you dated, were they cute?"

"Six foot three, perfect body, gorgeous smile, pretty golden curls, and a perfect little treasure trail that led into his gym shorts," he said, giving him a bit of a teasing smile. "So, yeah, you could say he was cute," he added.

"I kind of have a fetish for blond guys," the pilot admitted, "especially ones with treasure trails." He took a sip of his drink, "did you go out with him long?"

"I actually don't usually go for blondes. But I do go for curls, and the treasure trails are always a big plus," Francisco replied with a chuckle. "Actually I usually go for guys with darker skin, and pretty eyes.", he added, pointedly not looking at the other man.

"As to how long we dated," he said, pausing to look off while he thought, "I'd say about two weeks. We weren't really compatible," he finished.

"I'm biracial," Tayran said, turning his seat so he was a little closer to the other man. Francisco was really good looking. He really wasn't sure what to do. Their conversation seemed to be shifting from lightly flirty to something a little more serious.

He wasn't sure how he felt about that. He'd told Michael he wasn't a casual sex kind of guy and he wasn't. But, he couldn't help but be a little intrigued. Part of him wanted to make an excuse and just walk out. He wanted Mr. Right, not Mr. Right now.

Instead, "I have a treasure trail too," escaped his mouth.

At that Francisco's eyebrows rose and he cocked his head to the side, licked his lips, and looked over at the other man with a big smile, only partially hidden by him biting his bottom lip, "Oh yeah? Cute as hell, pretty eyes, and a treasure trail..." He let his voice trail off, getting deeper as he did so. "Sounds like the whole package. I bet you are smart as hell too," he added.

He hadn't come in here with any kind of agenda, but now that he'd been talking to this guy he was suddenly wondering how his night was going to end. He was shipping out the next morning, and he wasn't trying to just use the guy, but he seemed to be pretty interested in Francisco as well. He figured he might as well just let things progress and see what might happen.

The urge to leave was slowly ebbing away. "I don't know how smart I am, but I'm smart enough to know you're a damn sexy man."

Leaning forward so that he was propped up by his elbows and his face much closer Francisco looked him in the eyes, his own lids just ever so slightly lowered, his lips quirked up in a slight smirk, "I bet you are smarter than just that. But I have to say you are pretty damn sexy yourself," he said. "And I bet that treasure trail makes you even sexier," he added with a grin.

Tayran drank back the rest of his drink and sat it on the table. "I'm flattered. That's an intriguing theory, there's only one way to test it though and that would entail a lot less clothes."

"I like testing theories. It's why I'm a scientist, after all," Francisco replied, standing up and holding out a hand.

Tayran took the hand and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. "I'm staying with family, " he said, "your place might be better."

"Sounds good to me, mine's not far from here. Hope you don't mind a hotel," Francisco replied, leading the way to the doors.

It took another ten minutes walk to get to the hotel, and as soon as they were in and inside the lift Francisco took his chance, pulling the other man closer for a kiss. He felt their lips touch, and suddenly knew he had made the right choice as he felt a jolt of electricity pass through him, eliciting a moan as his arm wrapped around Tayran's waist pulling him closer.

Tayran gave into the kiss and to being brought in to the tight embrace. He too felt something. It wasn't love that he felt, he barely knew this man's name, but there was desire there. Desire and lust. Normally, he was the more aggressive one, but if Francisco wanted to take charge, at least for the moment, he wasn't going to complain. And the thought of someone spotting them did nothing to stifle his libido.

He deepened the kiss and wrapped his arm around the other man.

The ride in the turbolift was all too short, and soon the two were dumped out into the corridor. Francisco was out of breath from the kiss, and his heart was pounding in more than one place. "It's this way," He managed to say, leading Tayran towards his room.

Once they'd made it inside he wasted very little time. Pulling his shirt off and tossing it to the side he returned to Tayran's side and kissed him again, this time a little more playfully, "So, you gonna let me test out that theory now?" He asked, looking up into his beautiful eyes, and slipping his fingers under the man's sweater, just barely grazing the skin of his side, not pulling the cloth up himself, preferring to let the other man do that, giving him a show in the process.

His formal reluctance had now totally evaporated, he stepped back from the kiss and slowly lifted his shirt over his head and let it drop the floor. He hadn't chosen it to show off anything, he hadn't gone to Fusion to pick up anyone, so the shirt had hidden a lot of details.

Now shirtless, it was easy to see just how fit he was. He had the body of a personal trainer and an eight-pack. And just as he had promised there was a thin, dark trail of hair, a treasure trail.

Francisco was grinning like a kid in a candy store at the sight in front of him. The man was chiseled perfection. Reaching forward he let his finger start on his chest and trail its way down, slowly sliding through the peaks and valleys of his abs and then gliding through the thin trail of beautiful hair leading from his navel into his waistband. Once he'd made it that far he hooked his fingers into the band and pulled him closer, burying his face in the taller man's throat, kissing and licking as his hands slid around to feel his powerful back. A moan escaped him as he felt his warmth against his lips, smelled the light scent of him flood into him.

For a few moments, Tayran stood there just absorbing everything that was happening. Willing but not compliant. Then his naturally aggressive side rose to the surface and he pushed the smaller man in the chest and up against the wall of the hotel where he pinned his arms above him. Then he kissed him deeply, hungrily and let his hands to some exploring of their own.

It had been quite some time since Francisco had been with a man. And when he was with women he tended to be the dominant one. Now, with the tables turned, he found that the fact that someone else was taking charge was a huge turn on. He relaxed into the wall and allowed Tayran to do what he wished, simply enjoying the sensations.

If Tayran had been a telepath he could have shared that it had been a long time for him as well. But, he couldn't communicate mind to mind and indeed was acting more on instinct than thought anyway. He used one hand to keep Francisco's arms(though he could have easily broken free if he desired)pinned and started kissing down his torso. He was surprised to see that Francisco was as defined as he was he hadn't slept with too many that could make that claim.

He started to kiss his way south.

Francisco's head fell back against the wall, his back arching and his hands clenching where they were pinned against the wall, as Tayran began to kiss his way down his body. A deep moan rose up from his chest, all of his senses were on fire. "Mmmm... that feels so good..." He breathed.

Tayran was too occupied to reply verbally and by that time he'd started to reach below Francisco's waist.

Francisco gasped and felt his eyes starting to roll up, and suddenly everything became more sensation than thought, and he simply melted into the experience.

When next he had any sense of himself or his surroundings he was coming dreamily awake, a pale sunrise peeking through the curtains. Moving to stretch he felt the weight of the other man beside him and the events of the night before him came flooding back. Looking over he smiled widely and leaned over for a quick kiss. "Good morning..." He said lazily.

Tayran's eyes slowly opened and he smiled "Good morning to you too." He sat up, the sheet falling away from his torso. "This isn't something I normally do, but even though we will probably never see each other again, I have no regrets, this was fun. It's been a long time."

Francisco laughed, "It's something I've done more times than I'd really care to remember. But, honestly, it was nice. It had been a while for me too, especially letting someone else take control like that," he replied.

"I usually prefer taking control. Not always though, it kind of depends. But yeah, I enjoyed it a lot." He pointed to the other man's tattoo, "I was going to ask about that last night, but, well other things were on my mind. Is there a story behind that?"

"A story? No, not really. It's just my favorite animal. I grew up in Brazil, not far from the rainforest. There were a lot of them. I guess it kind of gives me a tie to home..." Fransisco replied.

"What kind of animal is it?" Tayran asked, "Sorry, I am human, but this is my home, I haven't spent a lot of time on Earth."

"It's a Macaw, a type of parrot, one of the three national animals of my homeland," Francisco replied. "And that's okay, I hadn't spent a lot of time away from Earth until a few years ago," he added.

"Interesting," Tayran said as he stretched his arms over his head, then rolled out of bed, "I do need to leave soon, I've got a ship to catch and I'm supposed to see my brother before I ship out."

Watching the other man stretch, getting a glimpse of the thick patches of hair under his arms, and his muscles rippling made Francisco take a deep breath to center himself. "That's alright. I'm shipping out soon as well, I should probably start packing," he said, sliding to the side of the bed and standing up. "Good luck with your adventures," he added, walking around the bed and giving the man a kiss.

"As for me, I'm going to start off with a shower, you good to find your way from here?" he asked.

"I'm a big boy," Tayran said looking for his shirt, "I can fend for myself. Thanks by the way. Like I said this isn't something I normally do, but I'm glad I did."

Francisco smiled at him, "Don't worry about it. I'm glad too. It was a lot of fun and loosened me up for what I'm about to face. All in all, it worked to both our favors I guess," He said.

Turning to go into the bathroom he stopped just short, and peeked back over his shoulder, "Oh, and trust me, I know you're a big boy."

And with that, he shut the door and made his way to the shower. It was going to be a long day, he already knew it, and he wanted to get as early a start as he could. A few moments later he heard the door to the corridor shut, and he gave out a big sigh, and let a smile creep across his face. At another time and place, that guy could have been a lot more than a quick fling. He seemed genuinely interesting. But that wasn't exactly in the cards when Francisco was shipping out on what was probably going to be a very long posting. With a shrug, he turned his attention to the task at hand and let the thoughts of the previous night start to fade into the background.

The only thing Tayran regretted is that he knew he smelled like sex, which meant Michael was going to give him a hard time and he was going to have some splainning to do.


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