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Deja Vu

Posted on Tuesday December 10th, 2019 @ 1:59pm by Minna Chang & Holly Meadows
Edited on on Thursday January 2nd, 2020 @ 1:23pm

Mission: Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Location: Sickbay, USS Ochoa
Timeline: Mission Day 580601 at 0700

Minna was used to the drill as this was now the fourth time she had reported on to a new assignment. Dr. Solis on the old NX-class Columbia had been the most intimidating to newly commissioned Ensign Minna Chang way back in the year 2156, while now she was completely relaxed as she entered the Ochoa’s sickbay to report to whoever the doctor on duty would be.

She also had no illusions that this would be the usual brief and casual “take your vitals and see you later” physical most officers received when reporting to a new assignment; her long and thick medical record would make sure of that. Minna had enough old wounds for a whole squad, not to mention the fact that she had only just learned to walk again four-years-ago after being paralyzed from the waist down 90 years before that.

No, it was going to be a long physical, but she’d been cleared as she left the Lexington and was cleared as she graduated from Command School, so long or not, she wasn’t particularly worried now.

Minna walked into sickbay and saw that a number of enlisted crew were still scurrying about setting up equipment and stocking cabinets. She spotted a Lieutenant and figured she must be either a doctor or nurse and decided that was the best place to start. She concentrated on concealing her limp and walked up as smoothly as she could.

“Good morning. Lieutenant Minna Chang, chief of security. I’m here for my intake physical.”

Closing the lower drawer gently, Holly opened the one above it familiarising herself with the contents. This careful inspection of drawers cupboards and rooms was the best way to familiarise herself to her new working place so she worked her way methodically along. At least that was the plan although Holly knew she was unlikely to get far with it. Duty and 'looking things over' didnt go hand in hand.

Sure enough there came the interruption.

Turning her head she recognised the face at the same moment she placed the name and turning fully, she stepped forward, her hand offered to shake in greeting as she said " This is a lovely to see you again.".
Her bright smile, genuine in pleasure at seeing an ex patient obviously in good health, faded fast as she remembered formality so "Lieutenant" she added.

Minna expected any number of possibilities when she walked into the Ochoa's sickbay. A long, grueling exam, or perhaps onerous physical testing, or maybe even a lecture about how effective modern prosthetics were. What she didn't expect was to see a familiar face. And then, the smile on that familiar face to vanish suddenly followed by the mention of her rank.

Minna had served on three ships before the Ochoa. The first, the NX class USS Columbia, had been rather informal, with almost all of the officers and many of the crewmen switching from rank and last name to just first name in all but the most formal of situations. The second two, the USS Europa and then the USS Lexington, were more formal, perhaps reflecting the difference between the United Earth Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, or perhaps just the different command climates of those three particular vessels. Either way, the change in tone was noticed even by Minna who often missed such clues.

"Doctor...... Meadows?" Minna replied, taking a moment to remember the woman's name.

"Yes, that's correct." Holly replied unsure whether to drop her hand or not but giving a friendly expression that hid the uncertainty.
"Please...take a seat." she said using the offered hand to indicate the nearby biobeD.

Minn did as instructed.

"I'll certainly carry out the physical for you. How have you been?"
She glanced at Minnas left leg which was the reason for the mutual recognition.

Holly had been under the tutelage of Dr. McLaughlin during her posting to the Edith Cavell and had worked with him in the surgeries needed to repair the injuries. He had suggested to his patient that amputation was the best option, explaining at length why he thought it so but she had refused calmly but insistently even though his prognosis was far from encouraging.

Minna caught the hand's extended position at the last, and then its movement to indicate she sit. It wasn't the first time she'd missed a signal and likely wouldn't be the last. She felt awkward about it for a second, and decided it best to carry on.

"Well, I'm doing a lot better than I was the last time we met. At least I didn't have to be carried in" Minna sat up on the biobed as indicated. "How about you?"

"You're my first patient." Holly replied looking around for a medpad which she located on the work surface. Two quick strides brought it within her grasp. She began tapping it as she returned to Minnas side giving a bright smile then adding: "This is my first shift actually. Can you confirm your name rank and position for me please?"

"Lieutenant Minna Chang, Chief of Security."

"Thank you...have to ask..part of routine." Holly replied concentrating on her medpadd all the while.

"I just got here actually. Checked in with the Captain and XO and then headed right here. I’m sure I’ll be swarmed pretty soon with crew needing their security clearances uploaded to the ship and unlocked."

Holly looked up and smiled. "You and me both." she replied. " Physicals left right and centre." She consulted the notes.
"Is there anything that's worrying you particularly?" she asked

“Can I be honest with you?”

"Of course." Holly rested the medpad on her knee meeting Minna's gaze.

“The thing that worries me most is this physical. I’ve fought too hard to get back into Starfleet and to recover from my injuries to get sidelined by some note in a medical report. I know that I have quite a few serious injuries and physical limitations, but through hard work and a little help from a knee brace I can still do everything required of me.”

Holly gave a hardly perceptible nod, glanced at the notes then back at her patient.

"Your last physical passed you fit for duty. " she said in her normal soft voice. " Unless there's something new to report then I should also reach the same conclusion. We need to schedule regular appointments as you can guess....your medication..your progress through physio and so on. What you 'do' need to do is be perfectly honest and tell us if you notice any changes. We can nip things in the bud hopefully." She took a deep breath looking down at the pad and beginning to scroll. The notes went on and on page after page.

"You'll do that won't you?" Holly asked in a tone that inferred the answer would be 'yes'

"Nothing new, and yes, I’ll report when you want me to. I don’t use any medications except occasionally to sleep." Minna replied, hoping that would be sufficient.

"Oh?" came the interested reply. "Please lay back and relax."

"Sure" Minna replied as she lay back on the biobed.

A quick glance showed Holly an innocent expression on Minnas face. "What medications do you take 'occasionally'?" she asked not willing to ignore the snippet. "...and how often is occasionally?"

"Zolpidem, not often. Maybe once or twice per month. Usually a vigorous evening workout is enough" Minna replied.

"Who prescribed this for you?" Holly asked frowning at the medpadd then raising her attention to Minna. "Do you experience any side effects when you use it?" she asked " Drowsiness next day? lightheaded? loss of coordination? dry mouth? nose or throat irritation? nausea or upset stomach?"
She reeled off the most common side effects of the drug as though she dealt with it every day which was not at all the case but sedative hypnotics often caused such things.

"Dr. Kananga on the Lexington gave it to me, and no side-effects other than a bit of sluggishness when I first wake up, but my morning workout always deals with that long before its time for duty."

Minna shared a bit more information.

"At my age and with the injuries I've had, I have to work very hard to stay limber. I exercise for at least two hours every morning and another hour every evening. That keeps the pain at a manageable level, keeps me from getting too stiff most of the time and usually makes my insomnia a non-issue."

Holly gave a slight nod of understanding, her attention returning to the copious medical notes.
"Okay then..." she said after a few seconds "...let's see what a basic scan tells us. "
The med padd was set aside and a tricorder taken up in its place.
"Just relax...." she added seeing a slightly raised pulse showing as amber on the instrument in her hands.

Minna just did as she was told and let the doctor do her work without distraction.

The examination was straightforward but included perhaps rather longer than usual scrutiny of certain areas such as eyes and knees. Notes were taken, readings recorded and comparisons made. Once the initial work was complete Holly requested her patient to stand then to walk a short distance then return.

Minna did exactly as asked, She was able to perform all of the tasks without too much effort thanks to the rigid brace she wore on her left knee, and finally returned to her seat when told to do so.

"I'm pleasantly surprised." Holly said indicating that Minna sit down.

“So long as I wear the brace all is fine” Minna replied.

"That's what I mean." Holly replied with a soft smile. "Given the state of your knee, to be able to use it as well as you do is..well..remarkable."

She had indicated Minnas Knee as she spoke and meant what she said.

"I'd advise Terakine to help keep the pain at bay," she suggested but with little optimism as to the reply.

"Terakine? I'm not using any pain medications. I don't even like taking the sleep aids, I just accept the pain and move on. I ice it if it gets too bad."

Holly sighed, knowing that to argue would be pointless at least at the present time.
"The offer is there should you change your mind."
A gentle smile then moments spent in adding more to the lengthy notes.

"Your eye." The open invitation to discuss it hung in the air.

“I’m used to it. I have a contact lens that hides most of the discoloration and it filters about to 60% of the light. I just take it out if I expect to work in a dark environment. I’m right-eye dominant anyway, so it doesn’t bother me too much.”

Holly nodded. "Okay." she replied reading details before looking up.
"As far as this exam goes you're fit for duty.I'd like you back in twelve weeks but........if anything changes you're to let us know."

Minna stood up and almost smiled. “Thank you, doctor, and..., it’s good to see a familiar face.

"It's good to see you too...and doing so well." Holly replied with a warm smile. A short nod acknowledged then Holly watched her patient walk towards the doorway, As Minna disappeared from sight Holly slightly shook her head.


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