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Mission 0.1: Coming Together

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Moshe Samble has made a sacrifice: Give the Admiralty what they want, in return for what he wants. After five months of delay and diversion in the postwar’s resource scarcity, the Admiralty has agreed to greenlight Ochoa’s relaunch.

The cost was Moshe Samble’s commission: he has resigned from Starfleet. That thorn is finally out of the sides of the Admiralty- at least officially.

The ship will launch on a new five-year deep space assignment with its former XO at The Con: a seasoned psychologist, humanist and team player named Remy Stokes. She is more appropriate for the mission that a postwar Starfleet had in mind. She is a patient bridge builder who welcomes input from civilian scientists. Rank has its place to her, but she has gone shopping for exploration zeal and expertise. All are welcome at her table.

But Moshe Samble isn’t done with the Ochoa or his friend and former XO Remy yet.

Just before the Ochoa received news of the war and decided to head back, the Ochoa was exploring a distant red giant star undergoing stages of instability. On one of the moons of a surviving gas giant, they detected what appeared to be ruins on lidar sensors. Further, the moon had tantalizing evidence that at one time, someone had attempted to shift its climate. Subspace readings in the area also appeared unusual in an inconclusive way.

Moshe had a feeling they were on the edge of something big- like this was some kind of distant outpost. Remy concurred- though as usual in the less ardent and inflexible way Moshe tends to do things. Remy is open to “exploring further”- a statement Moshe has taken as an all-out agreement that they will make a beeline for that system, known as 31 Aranea; Moshe is sorely mistaken.

For now, the goal is to get Ochoa launched on time, with ample crew.

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Side Trek 0.1.1: The Captain Emeritus

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LOCATION(S): Toliman Colony, Shuttlecraft, Ochoa
THE MEAT: Remy Stokes calls one or two of her officers to Proxima Shipyards with a request: Moshe Samble, the previous Captain of the ship, has a Doctor’s appointment with a specialist on Toliman Colony. She wants to make sure he gets there. She knows it’s a bit like babysitting an obstinate adult child, but she’s afraid he won’t go without the push.

The “Short Trek” Mission, Captain Emeritus, is a chance for a crewmember or two to get away from the frenetic chaos of the vessel and to meet the man who really was instrumental in getting Ochoa launched. He’s moody, sometimes difficult but probably a genius. And he might just share why he’s staying on the Ochoa for another five years even though he’s no longer its Captain. But why Toliman: why not just zip over to Proxima?

Part of Mission 0.1: Coming Together

Side Trek 0.1.2: The Winds of Plenty

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LOCATION(S): Kentaura Colony, Shuttlecraft, Ochoa
THE MEAT: Remy Stokes, with the Yardmaster of Proxima Fleet Yards, have a request. The latest delivery of photon torpedoes to the Ochoa and two other vessels has been held up in channels by the production line on Kentaura. Remy sends some officers to try and get things moving. If they succeed, the Yardmaster has agreed to swap the sensor dome from the Sagan, which is cutting edge, with the slightly older model on Ochoa.

When the officers come into orbit around Kentaura, the situation looks complex. There is a small comet in orbit with a flurry of activity around it. It looks like three ships are in a perimeter around it, with some small worker bees making an outer containment ring. It turns out the situation, once the shuttle lands on Kentaura, is indeed complex- and volatile.

What they saw was a standoff. The terraformers on Kentaura were promised the ice for an aerobraking maneuver to help thicken Kentaura’s atmosphere- something they must do perhaps hundreds of times. But Starfleet has diverted that ice to a drought situation on Draylax. The Kentauran terraformers have seized the ice and cordoned it off with a few small ships.

The Kentaura terraformers are tired of their resources being diverted to supply other Starfleet or Federation projects. It happened to them throughout the Klingon-Federation War. Can the officers from Ochoa help negotiate a compromise and secure the torpedoes which Kentaura is refusing to deliver?

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Side Trek 0.1.3: Gremlins

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LOCATION(S): Ochoa, Worker Bees, Proxima Fleet Yards
THE MEAT: The Ochoa has a scant few days to complete its refit and relaunch! Engineering and Operations are working around the clock to make that happen. While the shipyard completes the skin of the ship, the skeleton Engineers of Ochoa feverishly test and diagnose all the systems on the ship.

When the main subprocessor on Deck 9 is installed and brought online, a cascade failure of some kind brings down the warp core and the fusion generators. The subprocessor itself seems unaffected, but until the issue can be tracked down, the ship needs to rely on its backup subprocessors. Engineers need to fan out across the ship and see where the cross wires are. Some interface for the suboprocessor and the main core is probably to blame. Or worse, Engineers need to assess if there is some kind of refit flaw.

What is the cause? A misalignment? Damaged equipment? Corrupted software that’s telling us the subprocessor is good when it isn’t? A nest of voles?

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Mission 1.1: The Ice of Isonzo

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After almost three weeks at high warp, Ochoa has approached the coreward edge of the Arachnid Nebula. Over that time, the strangers aboard Ochoa have begun to fall into a learning routine. Though the true frontier is still a few months away, they are well past the “core” of the Federation.

The Arachnid Nebula has many ghosts: The Battle of the Arachnid Nebula was a major one in the annals of the Federation. And no doubt a few hulls of Klingon and Starfleet ships remain broken, likely forever lost, in its swirling gases. But it isn’t this hallowed ground of the past that brings the Ochoa’s cause here: theirs is scientific curiosity.

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Mission 1.1.1: Science, Interruptus

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Captain Emeritus Moshe Samble interrupts the morning Science Officer’s Roundtable with the Captain. They are discussing some reports that there is a culture still another four weeks out called, “Verantzi” that survey probes suggested were warp-capable a few decades ago, when a Vulcan survey ship encountered one of their test ships. Moshe interrupts and unceremoniously puts a local region of space on the holoemitter- one with some very strange subspace hallmarks Ochoa has seen in the past.

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Mission 1.1.2: Big Gulp

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Meanwhile, running hot on the warp nacelles for the last few weeks has worked through the ship’s stores of initial deuterium. The Arachnid Nebula has it in spades, but its unrefined. It’ll take time to sieve out the parts the Ochoa doesn’t want. Some of it would make decent bulk matter, and then there is always the water ice and ice volatiles. The XO gives Engineering the permission to, “Make a pit stop.” That will include using Worker Bees to gather any ice or matter chunks, something you don’t want large bits of sifting through the bussard collectors.

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Mission 1.1.3: The Graveyard of Isonzo

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As Engineering is wrapping up its Big Gulp, the Bridge has picked up something. There is a debris and ionized plasma field, badly dispersed, that appears suddenly and leads into one of the uncharted star systems about 2,000 AU into the nebula. There is a faint, repeating short range distress beacon that is probably near the end of its operational battery. Upon checking, it is not a Federation signature so its probably not a damaged Federation ship that made it to the system post-battle.

It tracks to a very young F-type white star with a gas giant and one large moon. The system’s name is A91517-Isonzo.

Meanwhile, Moshe has been obsessing over the “weirdness” of subspace that seemed to taper toward this moon and gas giant. Alarmingly, there seems to be an increasing “instability” in the local area, possibly caused by the Ochoa coming out of warp in the area. It’s like “ripples on a pond.” Moshe surmises it’s almost like someone, “Peeled out of subspace like a mudder in a rut might.” There is a theory, largely considered fringe, that subspace can be “damaged.”

Part of Mission 1.1: The Ice of Isonzo