Star Trek

USS Ochoa

Specifications - USS Ochoa


Utilizing its large, powerful warp nacelles, the Ochoa is a “Rapid-Response Scientific Surveyor.” Designed to move quickly to the frontier and beyond- and be able to stay in deep space for years- the Ochoa also has the added benefit of being able to reach newly discovered scientific phenomena or anomaly that may have a short window of existence or transformation. The mission profile suggests Ochoa is a ship with cutting edge engines, some of the fastest in Starfleet’s catalog.

Only marginally larger than the Magee-class, the Ochoa and it’s Hernandez-class brethren are large on scientific resources. They use flexible scientific lab space which can be easily reconfigured (and isolated) as the mission profile demands. However, it comes up short on being able to project force. Though it has excellent shields on par with any Starfleet vessel its size, it was never meant to have powerful phasers or a larger photon torpedo complement. Its torpedo capacity is only a third that of the Magee-class.

Designed at the Proxima Centauri Fleet Yards, the little ship does what it can to maximize usable space for creature comforts. The Proximans are well known for their interior architecture and design across the Federation. They have applied those talents where they could within the Ochoa. The result is a ship that feels spacious (where it can anyway), warmer and well-lit compared to the common ship designs of the 2250’s.


Class Hernandez-class Science Vessel
Role Fast Surveyor / Light Exploratory Cruiser
Expected Duration 80 Years
Time Between Resupply ~ 5 Years
Time Between Minor Refits 5 Years
Time Between Major Refits 20 Years


Length 240 meters
Width 231 meters
Height 60 meters (nacelles), 32 meters (saucer)
Decks (Nacelles) 18
Decks (Primary Hull) 9


Officers 25
Enlisted Crew 140-160
Civilians 10-20
Emergency Capacity 450

Propulsion Systems

Thrusters RCS Thrusters
        o Atmospheric Stability and Descent Control Thrusters
Sublight Speed .50c
Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 7
Emergency Speed Warp 8.6 for 24 Hours
Capable of Landing? Yes

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Hull Standard Tritanium-Duranium Composite
Shields Standard Graviton Deflector Shields
Phaser Emitters 14 Dual Emitter Phaser Banks
        o 7 Dual Emitter Phaser Banks, Dorsal Mounted
        o 7 Dual Emitter Phaser Banks, Ventral Mounted
Torpedo Launchers 3 Total
        o 2x Torpedo Launchers (Forward Facing)
        o 1x Torpedo Launchers (Aft Facing)
Payload: 135 photon torpedoes

Primary Systems

Computer Systems Deuteronic Computer Systems
Transporter Systems o 5 Personnel Transporters (Capacity for 8 people each)
o 4 Cargo Transporters
o 2 Lab-Specific Specimen Transporters with Decon (Xenobotany and ExoBiology)
Transporter Range 45,000 Kilometers
Sensor Range 15 Light Years
Communications Range 15 Light Years

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 1
Shuttles o 3 Shuttles
Landing Pods o 3 Landing Pods (Aft Deployment)
Worker Bees o 2 Worker Bees (Ventral Hatch Deployment)

Other Notes

Other Notes o Captain’s Ready Room
o Gym
o Mess Halls: 2 (not designated Officer vs. Enlisted)
o Garden Decks (Deck 8-10; functional as corridors but also as small hydroponics gardens)
o Observation Lounges: 2 (both double as holo-theatres and stage/concert venues)
o Briefing Room (often used by Bridge Crew, but also by Science Teams)
o Stellar Cartography (Decks 8 & 9)
o Landing Struts
o Tractor Beam Emitters (dual; ventral-center)
o Decontamination Chambers (2; Shuttlebay-adjacent)