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Lost, And Found

Posted on Sunday November 17th, 2019 @ 5:21pm by Minna Chang & D-Series Computer
Edited on on Saturday November 30th, 2019 @ 12:47pm

Mission: Mission 0.1: Coming Together
Location: Wreckage of USS Columbia, NX-02
Timeline: Mission Day 490210 at 0000

“Twelve pods still active, four with feint lifesigns, commander” Lieutenant (JG) Jason Klein, a junior science officer on the USS Achilles said to Lieutenant Commander Heidi Stoddardsdottir, the ship's CMO who stood at his side. “They are all damaged and degraded, but this one still has a functioning computer interface” he added as he pointed to the stasis tube next to him.

Heidi walked over and looked at the first of the active stasis pods. The occupant was clearly wounded before pod activation and appears to have died as he entered stasis, and while no longer alive, was perfectly preserved. Pods two and three had power, but only sufficient for the display. The corpses inside were so decomposed as to be unrecognizable. The fourth pod appears to have deactivated 14-years-ago and the lid opened, killing the occupant instantly as there was no atmosphere in the ship at that time. The fifth pod, however, appeared to be functioning, though just barely.

“This one passes diagnostics, but the others I’d be more comfortable turning over to medical back at HQ. I think we can revive this one back on the Achilles” the commander said to her colleague.

Heidi could not take her eyes off of the woman in the pod. She wore an old-style United Earth uniform from the Romulan War era and was identified as Lieutenant JG Minna Chang by the pod's readout. She had some sort of splint at her back and a bandage with dried blood around her forehead and covering her left ear and eye. In Short, she looked about as beat-up as the derelict ship she was on.

“I'll take care of the pod. See if you can search the ship's computer and find this Lieutenant Chang's quarters. After almost a century in stasis I’d prefer to revive her surrounded by some of her possessions.”

“Aye, commander” Jason replied as he took another look at the woman. “I’ll bet she’s got quite a story to tell.”

“No doubt” Heidi replied.

*** Two Days Later, Sickbay, USS Achilles ***

Light. All she could see was light, and as far as she knew her eyes weren’t even open. She could sense the movement of people around her from their disturbance of the air, the sound of their feet and the changes in the slight shadows that permeated the overpowering light.

Her body was still numb and while she could hear voices, they were far too distant to understand even though they were right next to her. Gradually, however, the fog began to clear and she could pick out individual words, but not focus long enough for complete sentences. “Blood”, “pulse”, “breathing” and the like all made it clear where she was. It was a sickbay, though which sickbay she had no idea. At least the words she was hearing were in Standard rather than Whatever Romulan might have sounded like, which was a very good sign.

“Adrenalin” she heard, and then heard a strange hiss next to her ear as the fog quickly cleared some more. Her right eye fluttered open and the overpowering light became even brighter, but in all of that oppressive brightness she could make out three figures above her, two male and one female, though of what race or even species the brightness made it impossible to tell.

“She’s responding doctor” one of the males said, then the female said “another 10CCs" as the other male pressed some device to her neck and the hiss sound repeated.

Minna tried to speak, but no sound escaped her lips.

“Relax” the female said. “You’ve been through a lot.”

“Where?” Minna whispered with all of her strength.

“You are safe, in the sickbay of the Federation Starship Achilles.”

“When” Minna asked next, this time a bit of her voice joining the movement of air.

The doctor looked over at the two nurses, clearly not wanting to deliver the news.

Minna grabbed the doctor’s arm with her uninjured right hand and squeezed with far more strength than a woman of her stature, or in her condition should possess. “When?” she asked again, this time her voice strong and steady.

“You should rest” the doctor replied.

“What year is it?” Minna asked again, gripping tighter on the doctor’s arm.

“Fine, the year is 2249. You’ve been in stasis for 90 years.”

Minna released the doctor’s arm. “How many other survivors?”

“Yours was the only stasis tube still with recovery systems still functioning. There are three more survivors, but we can’t revive them until we get back to starbase. I’m sorry Lieutenant Chang.”

“Her blood pressure is rising doctor.”

“Thank you John” the doctor replied, then looked back at Minna “You must rest, Lieutenant, coming out of cryostasis is stressful even after a short period, and you were under for quite a while. A lot of time has passed, another day or two won’t change anything except making you stronger.”

Minna sunk back into the bed, if that was possible for someone already lying down. 90 years; an eternity. 90 years before she went into stasis, in the year 2059 Zephram Cochran’s first warp flight was still four years away. What had changed in the 90 years since Minna last closed her eyes? One thing that hadn’t was the bright, oppressive lights of sickbay.


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